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Writer, Trainer, Speaker, Host

Chris Dao-anis is one of the country’s rising inspirational speakers and transformative trainers. He is an author and a columnist. Occasionally, he also host events.

He aspires to help you become the best version of you – that includes your team or your audience. He is often booked by organizers to speak to their event participants, by officers to train their subordinates, and by training departments to help their employees. He serves individuals and groups in the corporate industry, in the government, and in the academe.

His topics include the following:

  • Communication (Public Speaking, Confidence Building, Hosting)
  • Leadership (Supervision, Leadership Styles, Leadership Transitions)
  • Personal Finance (Money Mindsets, Basics of Investing)
  • High Performance and Productivity
  • Career (and others that would address your need)

Chris has authored three books to date: The Gift of the Ordinary, 7 Keys to Achieve Your Aspirations, and Living Large in the Little Things. All of which were self-published. He writes a column called TheYoungMind on Herald Express, one of Baguio’s weekly newspapers.


As a member of the prestigious Toastmasters International, he has served in different leadership positions including Club President and Area Governor. Chris is the 2016 Division G Champion for the International Speech Competition and won 3rd place in the same category in the National or District Level involving 10 Divisions in the entire Philippines. He received his Distinguished Toastmaster norm in July 2017.

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His Corporate Background

His background includes being an auditor and accountant. He served as an associate consultant in one of the country’s top professional firms and worked in a multinational ship-management company. He was heavily involved in process improvement. Now, he is into people improvement. He realized, “Process improvement is nothing without people improvement.” 

He always aspires for top performance. This led him to become the youngest supervisor in his company then. But he admits, it took him a year to overcome his hesitations and reservations. Transformation came in and his performance was boosted. His last company promoted him twice in a span of three years. Along with senior employees, they gave him a seat to participate in a Leadership Development Program which content was provided by Harvard Business Publishing. Chris emerged as the Top Test Scorer of the pioneering batch.


A Learner First

Academically, he graduated with degrees in BS Accountancy and BS Financial & Management Accounting (Cum Laude).

Outside the traditional classroom, he has been learning non-stop. He took online courses from Brendon Burchard, the world’s leading high performance coach. Also from Darren Tay, 2016 World Champion of Public Speaking. He has been attending Bo Sanchez’s Kerygma Conference and The Truly Rich Club’s Wealth Summit. And many other learning events and materials.


He says he has lots of mentors. His favorite is Bo Sanchez. He also learns continually from Brendon Burchard, John Maxwell, and many others.

He involves himself in learning groups. Toastmasters International has been of tremendous help to him.

He attends numerous nourishing events. He loves The Feast (including Kerygma Conference).

He believes that you can grow spiritually and financially at the same time. He is a member of and recommends The Truly Rich Club.

Chris Understands Humble Beginnings

Chris is a native of Kibungan. He always treasures his roots and experiences. He says, “My pains pushed me to power up my passion and my purpose.”


Chris Believes in Your Goodness and Potential

Chris says,

“I believe in the Almighty God, who divinely orchestrates all good things. I believe in God’s never ending grace. I believe that I am God’s beloved and so are you.

I believe in the goodness of men and women. I believe in your goodness. And I believe that you can become the better you.

Allow me to be of help. Let’s journey together.

I write. I speak. I train. To help you…

Be the best you!”

His Audiences

Chris has served individuals in different groups and organizations.


GOVERNMENT AGENCIES (and their partners)

Philippine Army (2nd Signal Battalion), DSWD (CAR), DENR (CAR), DepEd (Baguio City and CAR), BFAR, DOLE (Jobstart Philippines), PESO (Taguig and Quezon City)

SCHOOLS (students and/or teachers)

Jose Rizal University (Mandaluyong City), Tarlac State University (Tarlac), Saint Louis College (La Union), University of the Cordilleras (Baguio City), University of Baguio (Baguio City), STI Baguio (Baguio City), Cordillera Career Development College (Benguet), BVS Colleges (Benguet), San Jose High School (Benguet), Kibungan National High School (Benguet), Pines City National High School, Dominican Elementary School, Aguinaldo Elementary School (Baguio City)


Cooperative Members, Pastors, Priests and Seminarians, Students and Young Professionals, The Filipino Youth across the country


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Testimonials (for his books, seminars and workshops)

“I enjoyed reading Chris’ book. I know it will help many, many people.”

Bo Sanchez, bestselling author

“Chris is a great example of someone who has been faithful with what God has brought his way. From humble beginnings, he did not let those circumstances define him, and cause him to grumble. Instead, he pursued excellence, rose above the circumstances, and is now an author, an author of his second book!”

Edric Mendoza, Former Lead Anchor on ANC (On the Money)

“In this book, Chris shares simple yet powerful principles that will help us achieve our big dreams and aspirations in life. It is packed with humour and stories which makes it both a fun and an inspirational read.”

Sha Nacino, Author and Speaker

“A book that comes from the heart of a very inspiring and highly motivated young man. His words are straight forward yet wise, profound, and encouraging.

Maria Agnes Garcia, Educator

“Join this sensitive and motivated young man in his adventure to achieve his aspirations in life. In the process, you are bound to likewise fulfill your own dreams as you apply the simple yet powerful insights you will derive from the book.”

Rose Fres Fausto, FQ Mom, Author, Parenting and Financial Literary Advocate

“From his first book to this book, Chris has continuously sharpened his communication skills. More importantly, he has shown me that a young mind like his can communicate truly amazing, remarkable ideas that last a lifetime.”

Elizabeth Segura-Krueger, Communications Professor

“Chris makes us realize that it’s not what you have or what you don’t have. It’s what you do with your blessings.”

Trixie Esguerra, Vision Board Coach

“I’ve read Chris’ three books in sequence and I can say he is growing in wisdom down the years. Living Large in the Little Things is more than a smattering of nice ideas and fluffy sentiments. It gives practical steps for attaining your dreams… and who doesn’t have dreams? Hang on to this book, it will become a classic ‘early work’ by a man who will one day write even more world-changing books.”

– Nelson Dy, Author (Gintong Aklat Awardee)

“I love asking Chris to talk to our young audience because of his unique ability to make a connection. He makes complex concepts into bite-sized ideas and gives the audience simple tasks for them to take action. It’s a pleasure to be working with one of the country’s rising motivational speakers!”

– Kevin Philip Gayao, Entrepreneur

“Public speaking has always been one of my fears. Though I read a lot, I really struggle in expressing myself to a crowd. This workshop helped me realize that I can also be a speaker to inspire people who are also like me who has a hard time in expressing herself.”

– Kreece Valeria Callos, Seminar-Workshop Participant 

“He might not be the best speaker in the world but I do believe he can be 🙂 You can talk to everyone but this person can talk to you with heart. Such a humble person.”

Jelenista Lipago, Seminar-Workshop Participant

“To our mentor, Sir Chris, it was great having you! For the short time we’ve spent, we were able to learn a lot. I really mean a lot. It was not only about that of speaking up but also of dealing about things in the real world, that of what really matters most.”

Rhyz Frances Oplay, Seminar-Workshop Participant

“I liked how the workshop has been handled. It was both fun and enlightening. It also helped me build my confidence and self-awareness.”

“What I like the best is that the speaker is full of energy. I learned a lot, and hopefully I can apply them outside the school.”

“Very motivating and inspiring speaker. I really like the way he handled the workshop. It enticed everyone to listen and participate. What I like most are the inspiring lessons after each activity, a lesson that is worth remembering. Thank you so much and more power.”

Cristin Mangosan, Seminar-Workshop Participant

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"I enjoyed Chris' book. I know it will help many, many people."

- Bo Sanchez, bestselling author

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