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I help newbie authors write, edit, proofread, layout, & publish their books.

I speak to companies and communities to inspire and train their people in leadership and life skills.

I coach communicators convey their messages with competence and confidence. These communicators include executives, employees, entrepreneurs, aspiring speakers, priests, pastors, preachers, professors, and politicians. Better presenters and speakers can contribute to building better communities.

You can make the impact and influence you want if you can convey your message, sell your story, and lead people.

He was once a shy poor boy in the province. He was a reluctant leader, hesitant writer, and a dull speaker. He worked behind his desk for half a decade.

Today, he’s a champion inspirational speaker, excellently-rated leadership trainer, and author of five impactful books. He also coaches on book writing and public speaking.

What transformed him

can transform you.


Chris Dao-anis shares his story

“I can help you to deliver.

Do you simply desire or you actually deliver? There’s a huge difference!

There are two big problems in this industry.

The first problem is lack of confidence. There are people who have brilliant ideas and powerful stories but the lack the confidence to communicate in a compelling and persuasive way. It may be through a book they want to write or an idea/proposal they want to present.

The second problem is misplaced confidence. There are those who can articulate but the content is missing. Either they don’t have it or they simply do not know how to bring it in to achieve the impact and influence they ought to have. (At times, content is present but structured poorly. This must also be addressed.)

Some people say I am a natural. But those who knew me would tell you otherwise.

The common misconception when people see competent and confident communicators and leaders is that they think they do it naturally, as if the skills were acquired in an instant. We see the outcome and we forget the transformative process before the outcome.

I was once a shy poor boy, a reluctant leader, a hesitant writer, and a dull speaker. Today, I shine as a champion inspirational speaker, excellently-rated trainer, and author of five impactful books. I also coach on book writing and public speaking.

If I can go from shy to shine, what can you do?

I can help you deliver what you need to deliver.

I was a consistent honor student from elementary to college. I was involved in several organizations and spearheaded ambitious activities. And I thought I was good.

Until I met top caliber communicators like Francis Kong, Bo Sanchez, Edric Mendoza, and Arun Gogna, and later world champion speakers like Darren LaCroix, Ed Tate, Darren Tay, and Craig Valentine, I realized there’s a whole new level.

I listened to them, observed them, and modeled them. I enrolled in their courses, purchased their programs, and acquired their frameworks and frames of thinking. I started to put into practice the process they are preaching about. And people start to experience a transformed Chris.

I continue to be transformed and I can help you, your leaders and managers, or your members and employees to transform and become competent and confident communicators and leaders.

Let me help you deliver.”

~ Chris Dao-anis

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speech training, confidence & presentation coaching

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leadership training, recollection, inspirational/keynote speech

Why You’ll Love Chris Dao-anis

He aspires to always speak a message, spark inspiration, and spur action.

CHRIS’ books, talks, trainings, and coaching sessions are given with

  • Compelling Content
  • Heart and Humor
  • Results Orientation
  • Inspiration and Inspiration
  • Sound Structure

In other words, he delivers value. And he aims to help you deliver value, too.

Rating: 5 out of 5.


I love asking Chris to talk to our young audience because of his unique ability to make a connection. He makes complex concepts into bite-sized ideas and gives the audience simple tasks for them to take action. It’s a pleasure to be working with one of the country’s rising motivational speakers.

Kevin Philip Gayao, IOL

Rating: 5 out of 5.


I liked how the workshop has been handled. It was both fun and enlightening.


Rating: 5 out of 5.


Public speaking has always been one of my fears. Though I read a lot. I really struggle in expressing myself to a crowd. This workshop helped me realize that I can also be a speaker to inspire people who are also like me who has a hard time in expressing herself.

Kreece Valeria Callos

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