Make Your Way to Become Truly Rich

You want to live truly rich, don’t you? “The ultimate purpose of wealth is to love others.” – Bo Sanchez I do believe that at your core as a human being, you have the desire to love. You have the desire to help yourself and to help others. You have the desire to become wealthyContinue reading “Make Your Way to Become Truly Rich”

Fix Your Financial System

I just attended the first ever Wealth Summit of Bro. Bo Sanchez. Its tagline is so empowering – Superheroes of Abundance. And I believe that if the learning one had gained in this event will be put to action, he will be a superhero of abundance. And that is my prayer today – that IContinue reading “Fix Your Financial System”

You Need A Guide

Investing in the stock market is not an escapade. It is not an adventure. What am I saying? Once upon a time, my friends and I joined our parish priest on his mission trek to the barrios of Kibungan. For those of you who do not know, Kibungan is a mountainous town. To go fromContinue reading “You Need A Guide”

Seven Simple Steps to Start Investing in the Stock Market

The Philippine economy is performing. The Philippine Stock Market is booming. Gigantic companies are even more growing. Are you riding with the waves? Or are you left behind? Ride on! You can do this by being a part owner of giant companies. Be a stockholder. “Hey, Chris! Isn’t that for millionaires only?” That was whatContinue reading “Seven Simple Steps to Start Investing in the Stock Market”

Is it bad to become rich?

So is it bad then to become rich? To answer this question, let’s take a look first at the three kinds of rich people as shared by Bo Sanchez at the Feast last Sunday. 1. Filthy Rich An example of filthy rich is Gollum of the movie Lord of the Rings. Gollum wasn’t bad inContinue reading “Is it bad to become rich?”

Should you trade or invest in the stock market?

With a group of friends, we pooled a tiny fund and bought our first stock investment in 2007. I thought I can grew this to millions from that point but I was wrong. After a year, my friends decided to sell that then they gave me my share. Luckily, my tiny cash contribution grew aContinue reading “Should you trade or invest in the stock market?”

Where to put your Christmas Bonus?

“My idea of a perfect Christmas is to spend it with you… in a party or dinner for two… anywhere would do…” Yes. I get sentimental sometimes and I sing these kinds. Thanks to Jose Mari Chan for this song. But I think I’m not going to spend my Christmas with “the one” – whoeverContinue reading “Where to put your Christmas Bonus?”


When investing in the stock market, go long-term. Set up a different fund for emergency. Great companies have separate funds for the short-term and long-term needs. You should, too. Don’t wait for huge paychecks to start this. Start now and wait for huge returns! Start small. Dream big! Prosper, Young Minds! Chris Dao-anis theYoungMind, http://www.youngmindgroup.comContinue reading “QUICK NOTES ON PERSONAL FINANCE_7.7”

Basket System For Your Finances

In business and accounting subjects, budgeting is being taught. For a company to last, budget is a must. This is why they have to hire brilliant CPAs, financial managers, financial consultants, and a whole lot more to take care of their funds, their budget, their finances – the lifeblood of their business. Indeed, the needContinue reading “Basket System For Your Finances”

Invest in Stocks Now

I bought a little number of stocks today and voila….the prices continued to drop! Ouch!!! Loss on the record – I should have waited but worry not, that’s just paper loss. And because I consider myself an investor that eyes for the long term (hmmmm say, 10+ years), the short term ups and downs isContinue reading “Invest in Stocks Now”