Take a SIP on the Stock Market

While you are on holiday today, and while you are taking a sip of your favorite buko juice or any refreshment for this hot summer, I invite you to this discussion – let’s take a SIP on the stock market! [Featured image courtesy of Stuart Miles / FreeDigitalPhotos.net] But before I talk about investing inContinue reading “Take a SIP on the Stock Market”

Partner with the Giants through the Stock Market

What if John Gokongwei will call you one day and ask you, “Be my partner.”? Or what if Henry Sy will come to you and say, “Let’s be partners.”? Or what if Jaime Zobel de Ayala, while you are having coffee, smiles at you and say, “Invest in my business. Be my partner.” Will youContinue reading “Partner with the Giants through the Stock Market”

How to Produce More Profits

In my twenty years of observing (since I started at six years old), I learned that profit-making is service-rendering. So when you serve, you receive profits. But not all service produces profit – at least, the financial one; though, in essence, you always produce profit (non-financial and/or financial) whenever you serve. Stated differently, all profit-makingContinue reading “How to Produce More Profits”

Hit the 20% Off First for Yourself

I’m not talking about a 20% discount or sale. I’m talking about giving yourself first a cut of 20% from your earnings before giving them away to others. It is funny when we get busy paying our bills and dues without even stopping to pay ourselves first. Let me propose this to you: Pay YourselfContinue reading “Hit the 20% Off First for Yourself”

How to Build an Effective Financial System that will Impact Your Life

. . …Like our bodies that need systems to function properly, our personal finances should also have a system in place to maintain financial wellness…. . . . [This is a guest post from my friend Divina Joy Ayungo.] . . . . So you’ve probably heard of this before. The real savings formula, inContinue reading “How to Build an Effective Financial System that will Impact Your Life”

5 Steps to Attract Abundance

“Action attracts abundance,” declared Bo Sanchez in one of his talks at the Feast. He added, “If you don’t act, God’s power won’t show in your life.” As I was looking back at my life, I couldn’t agree more. Things don’t just happen. Things happen because you did something to make it happen. Dreams areContinue reading “5 Steps to Attract Abundance”

Define Your Fuel For Financial Freedom

What is the reason that drives you to earn money? What is it that pushes you to gain wealth? What is it that fuels you to achieve financial freedom? Answering these questions will help you make your way to the achievement of your financial goals. I just came from a mini-vacation and I’m sorry thatContinue reading “Define Your Fuel For Financial Freedom”

Why Budget Does Not Work

Several times in the past, I tried creating a personal budget. During the first weeks, I can see that I was on track. But as the days go by, I treaded away from my budget path. I didn’t know the reason why. I thought I was strong in my decision to stay low on myContinue reading “Why Budget Does Not Work”

Stop Investing on Liabilities

Recently, I’ve been thinking of whether to buy a car or a condo. And then it hit me! “Man, do you want to be unnecessarily tied-up to an obligation through a number of years?!” A lot of employees, especially young professionals like me, are prone to this danger. Thanks to be to God. I wasContinue reading “Stop Investing on Liabilities”

Are you tired of budgeting?

Have you tried preparing your personal budget but cannot really stick to it? Are you like my accountant friend who keeps a budget but also have these unfavorable variances every month-end (meaning, she spent more than what she should)? Are you discouraged to maintain a budget anymore? You are not alone! Budgeting is a dauntingContinue reading “Are you tired of budgeting?”