What Have You Become in the Process

. She was seated in front of me and said, “You may have had been able to push the project forward but what have you become in the process? Do you think the people around you started to like you or otherwise? In the process of achieving a goal, what have you become?” [Image courtesyContinue reading “What Have You Become in the Process”

It’s Time to Reclaim Responsibility for Your Life

. Please stop the blame. And start taking full responsibility for your life! I fall on this mistake at times. I have fallen in the past and may fall in the future. But you and I must not yield! We must take charge of our life. [Image courtesy of renjith krishnan / FreeDigitalPhotos.net] We mayContinue reading “It’s Time to Reclaim Responsibility for Your Life”

Why Value Your Waiting Time

. There are times when it is better to wait rather than to rush, to appreciate the seemingly “slow motion” rather than the swift run, to value waiting rather than chase what’s not meant to be (yet). As I write this, I was waiting for the next trip (11pm) bound to Baguio. It’s 5 minutesContinue reading “Why Value Your Waiting Time”

Learn from the Best

He gave me some tips to create an inspirational speech but there’s one thing I like most that he did… I remember the time I was being helped by my mentor in IAME Toastmasters Club, Dr. Volts, for my 10th basic speech project. (The project’s main objective is to be able to inspire your audienceContinue reading “Learn from the Best”

Two Things You Need to Achieve Your Dreams

Last Saturday, I had a great time hosting a wonderful seminar. Not only did I have a great time hosting, I also had a great time learning. Oh, I should mention I also had fun singing with the Acoustic Dreamers – my friends Jill, Mae, Divina Joy and Milmarch. It was a rainy morning thenContinue reading “Two Things You Need to Achieve Your Dreams”

How to Solve a Problem

To be able to solve a problem, you have to focus on the solution. Instead of focusing on the problem, focus on the purpose. I heard this from Bo Sanchez at the Feast PICC and let me share it with you as well: Be purpose-oriented, not problem-obsessed. [Image courtesy of Stuart Miles / FreeDigitalPhotos.net] Funny,Continue reading “How to Solve a Problem”

How to Shift into Your Season

How would you life to be able to perform more, produce more, and get to live a life of excellence and enjoyment? You can do this by shifting into your season. This may sound a tall order and it is. But it does not stop us to respond to the challenge. After all, if weContinue reading “How to Shift into Your Season”

God Is Love? Not Until I Realized

They say that how you see yourself is how you see your “God” and how you see your “God” is how you see yourself. Somehow, in the past, there were times when I didn’t seem to see and feel the love of God. But when I look back again and see the past and theContinue reading “God Is Love? Not Until I Realized”

Why You Need to Intentionally Aspire for It

There are things that come because you deserve it. But there are things that even you deserve it, it does not come down to your feet. Often times, you need to intentionally aspire for it. Now I understand what our then commandant a.k.a CAT Facilitator William Alodos asked us to do one morning. We wereContinue reading “Why You Need to Intentionally Aspire for It”

Why I Changed My Alcohol Stance

Today, I take a different stance when served with alcohol. My first bottle of beer was… I was trying to trace back the first time but I wasn’t so sure. I think I had my first beer in Grade 5. I sipped my first glass of gin in first year high school. I couldn’t rememberContinue reading “Why I Changed My Alcohol Stance”