It’s the Little Things Everyday that Makes Magic

I just finished reading the book Eventual Millionaire by Jaime Tardy. One of my realizations is that we, wanna-be millionaires, often tend to forget the sauce that really made the big names a success. [Image courtesy of sscreations /] Yes, successful men and woman share their big successes. They share what fueled them. ButContinue reading “It’s the Little Things Everyday that Makes Magic”

One key ingredient of success you need to learn from entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs change the world. It is more than what this sentence can tell. And because of this, there are a lot of things that one needs to muster to be able to do his thing as a real entrepreneur. These are the things that I admire about entrepreneurs. Let me share just one thing todayContinue reading “One key ingredient of success you need to learn from entrepreneurs”

Divine Appointments Come – Get Ready

July. It was Sunday afternoon when I hurriedly flagged down a taxi to bring me to Partas-Pasay Terminal. I rushed toward the station only to learn that they have no trip from there to Laoag. “Go to Cubao station,” I was advised. A tricycle volunteered (that’s with a fee hehe) to bring me back toContinue reading “Divine Appointments Come – Get Ready”

When It’s Difficult to Keep Your Cool

This is one of my weaknesses – to keep my cool. But most say, it is my strength – that I know how to keep my cool. Probably, yes. Maybe. I really don’t know. But this I know – I’m working on it. And if they say, I’m good at it, then I’m happy. [ImageContinue reading “When It’s Difficult to Keep Your Cool”

I Found a Gem in My Laundry

I am a man and I do my laundry. Yes, some people could not reconcile the two. When you say man and laundry, to some some, it’s like coffee and cooking oil. I don’t know why. I like doing my laundry. But due to some restrictions in time and space, I don’t do all myContinue reading “I Found a Gem in My Laundry”

Does It Mean that What You Do Does Not Matter

. We all want to matter. And hence, we want to do something that matters. Why are we frustrated with what we are doing? It seems it does not matter at all. Here’s the thing: I believe that everything matters. Every job matters. [Image courtesy of Stuart Miles /] But there may something thatContinue reading “Does It Mean that What You Do Does Not Matter”