Saan aabot ang P60 mo?

For as low as P60, you can help me empower more young minds. Yes, it can go a long way.

Let us inculcate in them the values of resilience and responsibility. Watch the video below.

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Do you know of a student who is facing struggles in school?

Here’s what I learned in life and from mentors: the problem is not the presence of struggles, the problem is in how we respond to these struggles.

I need your help so we can help the young people, the students – survive struggles in school and in life.

We need to teach the young people resilience and responsibility. So that when faced with setbacks and failures, they won’t easily give up. So that they will do what they must be doing.

Since 2015, I’ve been conducting trainings for the youth. Several schools have invited me to give talks and recollections for their students. In these interactions with them, I’ve heard their complaints, their stories, and even their sobs as many of them cry buckets of tears. More and more young people need essential life messages.

This is why I want to give away copies of these books to students. In this book, I talked about three important things that students need to consider to survive struggles in school.

Chapter 1. REASON. Let’s teach our young people that there is a reason for the struggles they are facing. At times they don’t understand their teachers or the situation. But sooner or later, it will make sense.

Chapter 2. RESPONSE. Let’s teach our young people the need to respond accordingly. That in an event, the outcome hugely depends on our response. What we do to what happens to us determines the eventual result.

Chapter 3. REALITY. Let’s teach our young people to recognize the reality that what they are facing now or what they are going through right now is just a piece of a puzzle, a part of the bigger scheme of things, a phase of an ongoing life story.

Plus a bonus chapter called RETURN that you, as a parent, guardian, or community leader will be delighted that I added it. This will be of great benefit to the student and to the community.

I’m already intending to give away for free 20 copies – 10 for the high school where I graduated and another 10 for the college I came from. But 20 copies won’t be enough because they are many of them. This is where I need your help.

You can sponsor a book for a student. Each copy is for P60 only.Let us invest in our young people.

Simon Sinek shared that the problem in the millennials (and if I may include the Generation Z) is caused by lack of parenting, of exposure to technology and social media, the environment they grew up in, and impatience. We need to help reparent them, give a better alternative to over exposure to gadgets, games and social media, build a better environment, and inculcate discipline, patience, responsibility, and resilience.

There are many ways to do this. One of which is through this book.

For every printed copy that you will sponsor, we will indicate your name on it. As our way of thanking you, we will also send you a digital copy and audio-video version of the book. Even if you sponsor just one, that’s going to be a big help. Any amount will do.

But if you sponsor 100 copies (that is worth P6000), we will give you, as a token of gratitude, a copy of my two books, Living Large in the Little Things: How to Turn the Boring into Blissful and Speak: How to Craft and Deliver a Speech or Presentation with Competence and Confidence. I can also give a short online talk or recollection for the school of your choice.

Simply >> click this link << if you want to sponsor a book for a student.

Thank you for your generous heart. May God bless you.

>>Yes, I want to help bring this survival gift to students.<<

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