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Because Public Speaking Is Not Optional

You and I can become better public speakers regardless of our profession or business. Public speaking is not limited to professional speakers, trainers, teachers, priests, pastors, preachers, professors and politicians. It is a mistake to forget about public speaking if you are not one of them. It is also a mistake to forget about public speaking once you become one of them.

You and I need to hone our public speaking skills no matter what we do in life.

All of us – at certain events – will speak or present. So even if you are not a speaker by profession, you need to hone your public speaking skills. And if you speak or present regularly as part of who you are and what you do, the more you really need to hone your public speaking skills.


A Skill That Cannot Be Ignored

As a young boy, I dreamt of becoming a public speaker, a presenter – just like those priests or politicians who often give speeches, addresses, and presentations.

But I was shy. I was silent and reserved. I would turn red and tend to ramble when all eyes were on me. As a result, I chose not to speak to spare myself from embarrassment.

One day, I realized that this was not benefiting me nor the people around me. I had to change.

I began my journey to discover what must be done. When I found the path to help me develop, I stepped into it and followed it decisively. At first, it was fearsome. It was terrifying. It was difficult. But I kept moving my feet, one foot in front of the other. I ran when I could. I rested a while when needed. And today, I continue to walk that path.

I look back and see how I grew a lot in the process. It was worth the effort. It was worth the courage. Today, I do not say it was fearsome, it was rather fun! Today, I do not say it was terrifying, it was rather terrific. Today, I invite you to take that step onto this path of progress in the field of public speaking.

Accept this invitation and it will change the course of your journey into something bigger, better, and brighter.

Accept this skill, develop this tool you need in life. After all, communicating is not optional, we have to do it every day.


I Invested In My Growth

Early on, I started reading a lot of books. I hungered for learning. I was investing on my growth – I was investing time, effort, and money. I knew I had to invest in my greatest asset – myself.

Upon graduating in college in May 2009, I started reviewing for the CPA Board. In October that year, I took and passed the exam. In January 2010, I started working as an auditor in Makati. In June of that same year, I discovered Toastmasters. I joined immediately and this was the start of the wider world of public speaking for me. It opened my eyes to lots of learning. It served as an avenue for me to practice my pieces and receive feedback. And practice again. It helped me a lot in gaining competence and confidence in speaking.


Professional Instruction and Guidance Is Needed

While I was learning a lot in Toastmasters, I knew I needed more. I looked for more professional instruction and guidance.

In 2014, I signed up for a full-year of learning with Bo Sanchez’s Success Speakers Club. The things I was learning, I practiced them in my Toastmasters speech projects and implemented them in my talks and trainings.

In 2017, I enrolled in the online course of Darren Tay – the 2016 World Champion of Public Speaking. Together with many other courses, seminars, and conferences I am attending, I am learning a lot. And the things I am learning, I practice them in my Toastmasters speech projects and implement them in my talks and trainings.

From that shy small boy, I have grown a lot. And I continue to grow.


Higher Performance, Promotion, and Opportunities Come With Enhanced Public Speaking Skills

From 2010 to 2014, I was working as an auditor then as an accountant. At first, I was learning the ropes and was going slow. The moment I started to break through in my communication competence and confidence, things begin to shift.

In my last company, I was promoted twice in a span of three years. The ingredients were my technical skills combined with my communication and public speaking skills.

While giving my best at work, I was also starting to grow outside my accounting work.

In 2013, I wrote and published my first book. In 2014, the second one came out.

In 2015, I began my career as a professional speaker and trainer. I served audiences in the academe, in the government, and in the corporate sector. I travelled to Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao giving talks and trainings. 

In 2016, my third book was published.

And this year, 2018, my fourth book entitled SPEAK: How to Craft and Deliver a Speech or Presentation w/ Competence & Confidence…


My Pain, My Purpose

I wrote a book on public speaking and I teach public speaking because it pains me to see people with life-giving messages but when they deliver it in a speech, the life is gone. 

It pains me to see employees with the technical skills and good character not being promoted simply because they lack communication and presentation skills.

It pains me to see speakers and presenters not being clear with their messages, not organizing their pieces, and not delivering it with energy and enthusiasm.

It pains me to see audiences spending time on seminars, lectures, and rallies without receiving the value, the teaching, the inspiration, and the instruction they came to receive.

It pains me to see a society that is being disturbed because of the lack of better speakers and presenters.

These pains have become my purpose. You can join me turn the wheels around.

Join me in my thrust to build a better society with better speaker and presenter one speech or presentation at a time. 

Allow me to train you, to equip you, to teach you the things I have learned from my mentors and from my experiences.

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An online course that you can access anywhere, anytime…

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