The next 12 months could be the magnificent months in history for you to stop playing small, start or level up doing your own thing and soar. Join us to gain the roadmap to confidently CHANGE GEARS and grab the opportunity that this time of transition offers.

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Why Now

We’re at a critical time of transition. So many people think they’re on the ‘shortcut’ but here’s the truth:

Stop trying those tricks for overnight success…

Stop waiting for the next window of opportunity…

Stop wishing for Superman to save you because you are not living in a world of fiction and that’s not going to happen…

And instead discover a path that thousands of people take to impact more lives, live a life of meaning, and even living with more achievements and fulfillment than ever before…

You’ll gain these same secrets when you join this virtual immersion workshop on August 30… but the only way to get access is to click the button below and save your spot now!

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Why You

Let’s face it… if you’re reading this, then you know that this is a period when you must pivot and gain new capabilities. Times of transition like this is a time of retooling. And here’s why you are a perfect candidate to change gears in your life.

Because whatever you went through and have overcome is the exact same tool that you can use to be a leader in an area in the booming ‘self-education’ industry.

Maybe you already know this. And you’re ready to get going…

Or maybe you just knew it now and you need guidance to start it right now.

That’s why this event is a ‘must-attend’ masterclass… but it’s only happening once.

So hurry and click below now to save your free seat before you miss out…

What Will You Learn?

You’ll unlock 3-step success guide to change hears in your career by grabbing the opportunity in this booming self-education industry…

Step 1. Change Your Mindset

If you don’t believe that your mindset has been holding you back, let me ask you this…

Why has thinking it’s not the right time, or you’re not the right person cost you too much? How many chances have you let slip away because of unhelpful beliefs?

You know you were called for greater things yet something in you is making you stuck.

So in this immersion workshop, you will be given a wonderful chance to open your mind to the possibilities that your future holds… while gaining the travel guide to make best of the journey you are starting today.

Step 2. Change Your Map

Everyone wants to go to a certain better place…

But the sad truth is most people are using the wrong map.

To address this, you must get the right map that directs you to the place you ought to go. Locate where you are now and get the directions to go to where you want to go. A map that has been used by successful people who arrived at the place you aim to go to.

And during this event, you’ll learn how to reroute by modeling from people who have done it well.

Step 3. Change Your Move

Education without execution is extinction. Learning isn’t enough.

That’s why you will not only get the knowledge but also you’ll be given implementation guides to help you take action and drive to the right direction.

You have already missed to many chances but didn’t act on them.

Join us LIVE on August 30 and together, let’s make sure that doesn’t ever happen again.

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Who You Will Learn From

Chris Dao-anis, CPA, DTM

What Do You Get When You Join

  • one epic day of live training on August 30 (9 am to 12 nn, Manila Time) designed to inspire and deliver capabilities you need to make it real
  • access to our private community created exclusively for Change Gear Immersion Workshop
  • you’ll be eligible to win amazing prizes including tickets to the MESSENGER SUMMIT, GCash credits, and much more…
  • and don’t forget the incredible Change Gear Guidebook!

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Those who wait around waiting for something to save them or solve their problems stay stuck… or even slide down and miss several opportunities.

Which means for those who are ready to grab them, grow through them will have a massive chance in this time of transition.

Most people don’t even know the ‘self-education industry’ exits which means if you already do, you have an unfair advantage right now.

And because you are a good person, you should take action now.

Because opportunities won’t make the change for you, you have to act on them..

So it’s time to take action now and get ready to CHANGE GEARS.

Click the button below and save your seat before you miss this ‘one-time only’ immersion experience!!!

See you inside.

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