How to Stay Ready to Speak, Minimize Your Pause-Fillers, and Own Your Presentation

What are your burning questions when it comes to public speaking? In this post, you will gain the insights I shared to four of the questions sent to us on Facebook. Question 1 (from Romarc Igualdo Guyon) How public is public speaking? It can be as public as it gets. You might be speaking toContinue reading “How to Stay Ready to Speak, Minimize Your Pause-Fillers, and Own Your Presentation”

Why Develop Your Public Speaking Skills

People miss out on promotions, higher performance, and increased earnings because they do not put the effort in developing their public speaking skills. Today, let me remind you of the three reasons why you should be intentional in growing your speaking skills. First, it matters in employment. In a Harvard Business Review article by RebeccaContinue reading “Why Develop Your Public Speaking Skills”

2 Keys to Present Confidently At Work

Somebody asked, “How do you present confidently at work even if you are not a speaker?” You might be asking this, too. You might be asked to give a presentation at work, to give that status or progress report, or to give a demo about a procedure. You might be asked to present to yourContinue reading “2 Keys to Present Confidently At Work”

The Reluctant Leader

“The table is now open for nominations for president… Any nominations for president?” Someone stood up and said, “I nominate Chris Dao-anis for president.” I was shocked! Why are they – juniors and seniors – nominating me – a freshman to be their president? I was even flabbergasted as one stood up and said, “IContinue reading “The Reluctant Leader”

How Toastmasters Transformed Me In Two Ways

In the recent past, I was not comfortable telling people that I am a Toastmaster. I didn’t want them to know. Why? Because I feared that I may dent the prestigious image of Toastmasters International. I was afraid that when I start saying that I am a member of this leading authority in public speaking,Continue reading “How Toastmasters Transformed Me In Two Ways”

Toastmasters Triple Treat: You Might Be Missing It

Rica saw my picture on Facebook and asked, “Is that you with your Saturday night group? You seem to be doing a bunch of interesting stuff.” I smiled and said, “Yes! That’s our Toastmasters Club!” “Toastmasters. Really?” she seemed so surprised that I am a Toastmaster. “Isn’t that an elitist group?” she asked. I answered,Continue reading “Toastmasters Triple Treat: You Might Be Missing It”

Why You Should Attend a Toastmasters Club Meeting

I just came from the District Conference of Philippine Toastmasters in Cebu. It was huge! It was incredible! It was fantastic! I’ve met other Toastmasters from all over the country and some from overseas. It was also great to listen to world-class speakers. One of them is none other than the 2001 World Champion ofContinue reading “Why You Should Attend a Toastmasters Club Meeting”

Gain the Gift of Toastmasters

Gov. Betsie Krueger posted yesterday on Facebook. It says, “On February 22, 1878, a man was born. His name: Ralph Smedley. Happy birthday to Dr. Smedley who gave us Toastmasters.” Toastmasters is a gift to the world. Through Toastmasters, Ralph Smedley made a difference to the world. This is one of the reasons why peopleContinue reading “Gain the Gift of Toastmasters”