The Overarching Ingredient

Last week, we talked about the four relevant concepts in leadership – the concepts of creativity, compounding, clarity, and collaboration. We were reminded to embrace our own creativity and the creativity of other people. And because the power of compounding takes time, we are called to keep on planting and hold on to the visions,Continue reading “The Overarching Ingredient”

Learning about Leadership

Leadership learning is a continuous process. The more you learn leadership lessons, the more you find out there is more to learn. Hence, we are called to continue learning about leadership wherever we are, whatever we do. There a lot of learning opportunities. One area of leadership learning I have is in what I doContinue reading “Learning about Leadership”

Public Speaking Is Not Optional

You and I can become better public speakers regardless of our profession or business. Public speaking is not limited to professional speakers, trainers, teachers, priests, pastors, preachers, professors and politicians. It is a mistake to forget about public speaking if you are not one of them. It is also a mistake to forget about publicContinue reading “Public Speaking Is Not Optional”

When You’re Down and Out, Get Out and About

One day, a young man was having a bad day. He was feeling down. He was feeling bad. Then a wise man came and said, “Buy tickets!” The surprised young man asked, “What do you mean?” The wise man replied, “Open the paper today. Look for events happening in town. And buy tickets!” Then heContinue reading “When You’re Down and Out, Get Out and About”

Leadership Lesson from a Boat Race

There were four competing teams. Three members in a team. We positioned ourselves at the end of the pool and prepared to blow the paper boats toward the opposite direction. Whoever reaches the other end of the pool wins! “Ready. Set. Go!” With all my might, I pushed out all the air from my lungsContinue reading “Leadership Lesson from a Boat Race”

Don’t Forget You’ve Been Flying

As I was putting back my belt on after undergoing security inspection at the entrance, I saw a familiar face from a distance. It was my classmate in Grade 1, once a playmate during those much coveted recess times, a friend from our childhood days back home in Kibungan. Let’s call him Dreem. “Hey, howContinue reading “Don’t Forget You’ve Been Flying”