What to do when you are stuck in preparing a speech or presentation

If you are stuck, you need to go out! Last Thursday, I was having a hard time. There was an internal struggle. Something was holding me back. But I knew I had to deliver. Still, I could not proceed. To some writers, they call it “writer’s block.” Maybe, you experienced this too — when youContinue reading “What to do when you are stuck in preparing a speech or presentation”

How to Turn Nervousness into Excitement

Nervousness often hinders you from being a confident and effective speaker or presenter. In this article, we will talk about five steps that will help you turn your nervousness into excitement. 1. Embrace the fact that you will be speaking or presenting. Once you know that you will be presenting, don’t deny it. Don’t sayContinue reading “How to Turn Nervousness into Excitement”

Do you want to enhance your public speaking skills?

Enhance your public speaking skills! Because… 👉 Your message matters. 👍 Your product matters. 🖐 Your service matters. 🗣 Your ideas matter. And as you grow in your public speaking skills, you also grow in different areas of life. You grow in your business, in your career, in your relationships, in everyday life. ☝️ Get this FREE 💯 VIDEO TRAINING ‼️🙂 (y) 🔴 📣 >>> SignContinue reading “Do you want to enhance your public speaking skills?”

Is there something in your life that is UNDER CONSTRUCTION?

Is there something in your life that is ‘under construction’? Last Sunday, I went to Kibungan to give a recollection to the Catholic community in Masala, Madaymen. It was wonderful to visit that place once again after 10 years.   Upon arrival, I noticed that the front part of the chapel is being constructed. WhatContinue reading “Is there something in your life that is UNDER CONSTRUCTION?”

The Overarching Ingredient

Last week, we talked about the four relevant concepts in leadership – the concepts of creativity, compounding, clarity, and collaboration. We were reminded to embrace our own creativity and the creativity of other people. And because the power of compounding takes time, we are called to keep on planting and hold on to the visions,Continue reading “The Overarching Ingredient”