Receive the Best (TheFeastEcho)

Don’t stop dreaming because God does not cease to give you the best. Don’t stop dreaming because the poorest man in this world is not the man without money but the man without a dream. I am echoing this powerful words from the one I consider my life mentor, Bo Sanchez. Today, I would likeContinue reading “Receive the Best (TheFeastEcho)”

Commence Your Conquest

Yesterday morning, my mind was seemingly saturated by all the stuff we had been discussing in the office concerning all issues in our system deployment project. I told myself, “I have to refresh before going to the office.” And I asked, “How?” I could not go jogging. I could not grab my guitar and sing.Continue reading “Commence Your Conquest”

Blueprints of Success

Do you believe that in the air, wisdom lingers? Do you believe that life’s lessons can be found anytime and anywhere? Do you believe that great life’s lessons can be gained from small encounters? In a small encounter nineteen years ago, I realized this sublimely great life’s lesson: Blueprints of success are available to usContinue reading “Blueprints of Success”

Dare To Be Bold

Dare to be bold! Yesterday, while we are on our way to Quezon Avenue for our practice with the rest of the PICC Feast Chorus, Bro. Rod shared about boldness. He said, “I think the group needs to learn about boldness, too.” I nodded to express my agreement then I asked, “What do you meanContinue reading “Dare To Be Bold”

Delegate Your Weakness

Delegate your weakness. Brilliant managers of gigantic businesses do this. And you should, too. This results in a wonderful team play or say – powerful synergy. Two months ago, I designed a T-Shirt that we will be launching this July for the second project of the YoungMindShirts. I can say that I have a senseContinue reading “Delegate Your Weakness”

He Knew But He Didn’t

QUICK NOTES ON PERSONAL FINANCE_7.9: Some say this is a cliché but why use it not – wisdom still rings in it! Disagree? “Shoot two birds with one stone.” The once skeptical Carl disagreed with this once upon a time in his struggle with his financials. Carl knew about savings and investments but he saidContinue reading “He Knew But He Didn’t”

Declare Your Dreams

There is power in declaring your dreams, your goals, your desires in life! Last year, I had this crazy idea of running the 21K – that’s half marathon! Just because I wanted to have the 21K medal and the finisher shirt! Haha. Why crazy? Because it was my first time to join a fun run.Continue reading “Declare Your Dreams”