What Truly Matters

Today, I saw a man in a coffin. Prayerfully at peace. It reminded me of how short life is.Of how we should focus on what matters.In this life. That this life is temporary.That there is the next life — long and lasting. Too often, in life, we fight unnecessary battles.We create unnecessary chaos.We contribute toContinue reading “What Truly Matters”

Why Develop Your Public Speaking Skills

People miss out on promotions, higher performance, and increased earnings because they do not put the effort in developing their public speaking skills. Today, let me remind you of the three reasons why you should be intentional in growing your speaking skills. First, it matters in employment. In a Harvard Business Review article by RebeccaContinue reading “Why Develop Your Public Speaking Skills”

Where should you begin when preparing your speech?

The main thing should be the first thing. This is so true in life. It is also true when preparing your speech or presentation. How do you start with the main things? I have a friend who asked me, “Chris, can you give some activities or games I can use for my seminar?” I acknowledgeContinue reading “Where should you begin when preparing your speech?”

Are you waiting for your breakthrough?

“There is no cure if you are not coachable.” This statement from Darren LaCroix, 2001 World Champion of Public Speaking, punctured me. It punched me in the gut. I was so stubborn before that I never availed of this valuable exercise even if it was available to me. It happened first when I was inContinue reading “Are you waiting for your breakthrough?”

What to do when you are stuck in preparing a speech or presentation

If you are stuck, you need to go out! Last Thursday, I was having a hard time. There was an internal struggle. Something was holding me back. But I knew I had to deliver. Still, I could not proceed. To some writers, they call it “writer’s block.” Maybe, you experienced this too — when youContinue reading “What to do when you are stuck in preparing a speech or presentation”

How to Turn Nervousness into Excitement

Nervousness often hinders you from being a confident and effective speaker or presenter. In this article, we will talk about five steps that will help you turn your nervousness into excitement. 1. Embrace the fact that you will be speaking or presenting. Once you know that you will be presenting, don’t deny it. Don’t sayContinue reading “How to Turn Nervousness into Excitement”