From Shy to Shine, From the Province to Public Stages

My classmates and childhood friends could attest to how shy, silent, and reserved I was. Who would have thought that this little kid from the little town of Kibungan would become a speaker and trainer? Transformation is possible indeed! Oh yes, it’s grace. Plus a combination of actions to cooperate with that grace. Reading books.ParticipatingContinue reading “From Shy to Shine, From the Province to Public Stages”

Is Your Life Really That Bad?

Life isn’t so bad as we think it is. I don’t discount, in any way, whatever difficulty you are facing. We all have our tough times. Just like you and me, other people out there are facing a lot of problems especially in this time of the pandemic. I, myself, was having some challenges asContinue reading “Is Your Life Really That Bad?”

7 Mistakes I Made in My Book SPEAK

While people say that they’ve been helped by the book, I have to admit that I made some mistakes in it. Here are seven of them: First, the book size. I know, it sounds shallow but the overall look and feel matters. It’s a thin book. With 20,241 words, it would have been better toContinue reading “7 Mistakes I Made in My Book SPEAK”

Wondering What to Do with Your Christmas Bonus?

You could hear it playing from a distance, “Kaya’t ibigay mo na ang aming Christmas bonus… pati na ang 13th-month pay para okay na okay! (So give us our Christmas bonus… and also the 13th-month pay so it’s going to be okay!)” But receiving additional income may not mean “okay na okay” if not managedContinue reading “Wondering What to Do with Your Christmas Bonus?”

3 things that struck me in Romans 1:1-7

You are called! Three things that struck me about the first seven verses of St. Paul’s letter to the Romans (1:1-7): 1. HE WAS CLEAR ABOUT WHO HE IS – Paul, a servant of Jesus Christ (v1) – an apostle, called and set apart for God’s Good News (v1); {he encountered Jesus on the roadContinue reading “3 things that struck me in Romans 1:1-7”

How to Write a Book FAQs with a Book Writing Coach

Do you want to write a book but don’t know where to begin? Maybe you are asking these same questions I asked often. Here are some of them: 1. What did you do before becoming an author? 2. What are the struggles that you faced? 3. What is your reason for writing books? 4. WhatContinue reading “How to Write a Book FAQs with a Book Writing Coach”