Leadership Lesson from a Boat Race

There were four competing teams. Three members in a team. We positioned ourselves at the end of the pool and prepared to blow the paper boats toward the opposite direction. Whoever reaches the other end of the pool wins! “Ready. Set. Go!” With all my might, I pushed out all the air from my lungsContinue reading “Leadership Lesson from a Boat Race”

Don’t Forget You’ve Been Flying

As I was putting back my belt on after undergoing security inspection at the entrance, I saw a familiar face from a distance. It was my classmate in Grade 1, once a playmate during those much coveted recess times, a friend from our childhood days back home in Kibungan. Let’s call him Dreem. “Hey, howContinue reading “Don’t Forget You’ve Been Flying”

Go and Share What You’ve Grown In

You’ve not fully grown unless you share to others what you’ve grown in. Two weeks ago, we talked about granting yourself permission to achieve, to perform, to lead, to shine. Last week, we talked about growing in your field. Today, let me speak about growing fully by going out there and share what you’ve grownContinue reading “Go and Share What You’ve Grown In”

Raise Your Speaking Skills, Raise Your Income

“You can improve your value by 50 percent just by learning communication skills – public speaking,” said Warren Buffet, one of the wealthiest persons in the world. Thus, if you are earning P10,000, by enhancing your communication skills, you increase your earning potential by P5,000 more – giving you a total earning of P15,000 inContinue reading “Raise Your Speaking Skills, Raise Your Income”

Speak. Spark. Spur.

I want to serve you better so I am diving deeper in the area of public speaking skills development… I have been speaking and training professionally since 2015. My audiences include students, out-of-school youth, and professionals in the academe, government and industry. My topics include leadership, communication, confidence building, personal branding, basic personal finance andContinue reading “Speak. Spark. Spur.”