Lessons from “The Last Song”

It was Sunday, January 9, 2011 at 2:50 PM and I just finished watching the movie “The Last Song” based on the novel by Nicholas Sparks. The story of Ronnie, the main character, reminded me of some facts of life. First, life on earth is temporary; life is so short – make the most out ofContinue reading “Lessons from “The Last Song””

The Power of One

Each and every voice counts. Each and every vote counts. Each and every one matters. All the way from the busy streets of Makati to the rocky roads of Benguet, I went home to cast my vote for the barangay elections – the result – my candidate toppled his rival with just one vote. Yes,Continue reading “The Power of One”

The Three Sweet Sweats

Nothing beats being in the game. This line came into my mind as I relearned three benefits of being in the game. This game may be a game in sports, a game at work, or any game in life. Relating a recent encounter to a childhood experience gave me a fresh realization, a clear perspective,Continue reading “The Three Sweet Sweats”

Jumbled Episodes

Sometimes, it’s good to remember; other times, it’s good to forget. One Saturday, we went to Wawa Dam in Rizal for the outreach program organized by the group “People Helping People.” As I stepped out of the car, I was brought back to the past. The green hills on the sides and the children gatheredContinue reading “Jumbled Episodes”