How You Can Overcome Quarter-Life Crisis

In this third episode of Growth Conversations, Chris Dao-anis interviews Jaizy Tanawe, author of 4 books including 9 Powerful Hacks for a Quarter-Life Breakthrough. She said that she found her passion before college graduation and went out to conquer the world with her big, audacious dreams in life. Only to find out years down theContinue reading “How You Can Overcome Quarter-Life Crisis”

How a Mother Channeled Her Pain Into Her Profession and Purpose

I interviewed Charlyn June Awing in our Growth Conversations interview series. Ms. Charlyn, also known as Mother Ant, is a website copywriter, freelance writing mentor, and anti-violence against women advocate. She is devoted to helping her clients turn their boring copy to enticing messages, her mentees start a successful freelance writing business, and the victims ofContinue reading “How a Mother Channeled Her Pain Into Her Profession and Purpose”

FACING THE TURBULENCE – Interview with PHILIPP INNO, Finalist of The Final Pitch on CCN Philippines

“Get tired of just being inspired, be the inspiration.” – PHILIPP INNO Last Tuesday, we launched the Growth Conversations interview series. In this first episode, we sat down with PHILIPP INNO, the T-HOUSE Founder, a Filipino Innovator-Entrepreneur, and one of the Finalists of the reality TV Show The Final Pitch on CNN Philippines. Our topicContinue reading “FACING THE TURBULENCE – Interview with PHILIPP INNO, Finalist of The Final Pitch on CCN Philippines”

Do You Want to Write a Book?

How many times have you said, “I will write a book?” You have a message that you want to share with the world. You have a story that can inspire people. You have ideas, experiences, and life lessons that help empower members of your company, organizations, and community. You have a book in you. Only,Continue reading “Do You Want to Write a Book?”

Why You Should Suspend Judgment

You could see people walking around pushing their carts. (Luzon was put on Enhanced Community Quarantine just the night before.) There I was heading to the cashier to pay for the groceries I got. There were four lines, the shortest one was on the right. With excitement, I dashed towards it. The sign read, “LaneContinue reading “Why You Should Suspend Judgment”

What Truly Matters

Today, I saw a man in a coffin. Prayerfully at peace. It reminded me of how short life is.Of how we should focus on what matters.In this life. That this life is temporary.That there is the next life — long and lasting. Too often, in life, we fight unnecessary battles.We create unnecessary chaos.We contribute toContinue reading “What Truly Matters”

Why Develop Your Public Speaking Skills

People miss out on promotions, higher performance, and increased earnings because they do not put the effort in developing their public speaking skills. Today, let me remind you of the three reasons why you should be intentional in growing your speaking skills. First, it matters in employment. In a Harvard Business Review article by RebeccaContinue reading “Why Develop Your Public Speaking Skills”