3 things that struck me in Romans 1:1-7

You are called! Three things that struck me about the first seven verses of St. Paul’s letter to the Romans (1:1-7): 1. HE WAS CLEAR ABOUT WHO HE IS – Paul, a servant of Jesus Christ (v1) – an apostle, called and set apart for God’s Good News (v1); {he encountered Jesus on the roadContinue reading “3 things that struck me in Romans 1:1-7”

How to Write a Book FAQs with a Book Writing Coach

Do you want to write a book but don’t know where to begin? Maybe you are asking these same questions I asked often. Here are some of them: 1. What did you do before becoming an author? 2. What are the struggles that you faced? 3. What is your reason for writing books? 4. WhatContinue reading “How to Write a Book FAQs with a Book Writing Coach”

How to Write More in Less Time – Writing Sprints

Why do writing sprints? With writing sprints, you can: – write more. in less time – silence your inner editor to prevent it from derailing your writing momentum – develop the habit of focus and removing distractions What is a writing sprint? A writing sprint is focused and fast writing for a few minutes blockContinue reading “How to Write More in Less Time – Writing Sprints”

10 Powerful Practices to Help You Write Your Books

My first encounter with Bo Sanchez was when I saw his books at one of the local stores in Baguio City when I was in college. Even if I had no extra money to buy his book at that time, his books got my attention. I could still remember that moment when I was holdingContinue reading “10 Powerful Practices to Help You Write Your Books”

What You Should Know About Writing

When I was five years young, I met my first love… Listen to the full story in this video as I talk about the four truths about writing: https://youtu.be/GfSZ_nVlqR0 I learned a lot, grew so much, and realized truths about life and about writing. Even before I became an author later in life, I understoodContinue reading “What You Should Know About Writing”

How to Rise Above Your Circumstances w/ Pharisia Gail

In this video, I interviewed Ms. Pharisia Gail, author of the book Choose to Rise. We talked about the writing journey, the inspiration behind the book, and how to rise above your circumstances. PHARISIA GAIL is also the author of Daily Dose of Sunshine: Notes to Help You Live Through Life’s Complexities. She founded SILEWContinue reading “How to Rise Above Your Circumstances w/ Pharisia Gail”

How a Single Parent Bounced Back & Flourished in Her Career

In this fourth episode of Growth Conversations, I interviewed Jamie Yaneza, a professional teacher, sought-after events host and planner, and a proud mom. Join the conversation as we speak about How a Single Parent Bounced Back and Flourished in Her Career. I asked her these questions: You are a teacher, events hosts, events planner, entrepreneur,Continue reading “How a Single Parent Bounced Back & Flourished in Her Career”

How You Can Overcome Quarter-Life Crisis

In this third episode of Growth Conversations, Chris Dao-anis interviews Jaizy Tanawe, author of 4 books including 9 Powerful Hacks for a Quarter-Life Breakthrough. She said that she found her passion before college graduation and went out to conquer the world with her big, audacious dreams in life. Only to find out years down theContinue reading “How You Can Overcome Quarter-Life Crisis”

How a Mother Channeled Her Pain Into Her Profession and Purpose

I interviewed Charlyn June Awing in our Growth Conversations interview series. Ms. Charlyn, also known as Mother Ant, is a website copywriter, freelance writing mentor, and anti-violence against women advocate. She is devoted to helping her clients turn their boring copy to enticing messages, her mentees start a successful freelance writing business, and the victims ofContinue reading “How a Mother Channeled Her Pain Into Her Profession and Purpose”