Be Intentional with Your Growth

Growth does not just happen. You have to make it happen. You have to make it happen with intention.

At the beginning of the year, I set some goals. One of the goals I have is to grow in my marketing skills along with my writing and speaking skills. I learned that no matter how good my ideas and insights are, if I do not know how to communicate them to people, it will be useless. No matter how good my books are, if I do not know how to package and present them to people who need it, it will be useless. No matter how good my talks and trainings are, if I am not getting on the right stages to speak and share them, it will be useless.

I had to begin with the intention to grow in these areas. Today, I say that I have grown and I know I am still a beginner in the area of marketing but I have started my journey. It started with the intention, followed by small repeated actions. I told myself, “I should learn more about this and this and this.” And so I read books and listened to the experts. Then whatever learning that I absorbed, I did my best to pick one idea and implement it. One more idea and implement it. One more idea and implement it. I know I still have a long, long way to go. But my friend, I have started to gain the benefits. As I do this, I am also bringing value to more people – to more book readers, to more audiences, to more training participants.

I believe you have goals, too. You want to grow in certain areas of your life. And you know that growth does not just happen by waiting for it to happen. You have to go for it.

Today, let me remind you revisit that intention. Let that intention to grow be reinvigorated. May you generate that burning desire once again in your heart to grow in that field you chose. As you do this, may you follow it through with the needed small repeated actions. Go and learn from those people who have grown in the area where you want to grow in. If there is a way to accelerate  your growth, this is the way.

What were your growth goals this year? It’s almost the end of the year and another year is about to start. You may have gone slow in some areas of your growth process. But you do not have to leave it that way. Because every day is a chance to write your story of growth. Set that intention once again. And let that push you to do the required small repeated actions that will bring you to where you want to be, to where you want to go.

Let me repeat, be intentional with your growth!


Speak a message, spark inspiration, spur action!

Chris Dao-anis


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So You Have Dreams, Now What?

Do you have a dream? Do have that great aspiration – you even call it big, hairy, and audacious dream? Do you have it? Yes, so what do you do now?

Let me offer three prescriptions for you today: declare, do, and deliver.

First, declare. There was a blind beggar named Bartimaeus. Because he is blind, he wanted to see again. That’s his dream. One day, while he was sitting by the road, there was a large crowd passing by. When he heard that it was Jesus, the Healer (who made the blind see), he began to shout, “Jesus! Son of David! Have mercy on me!”

At that moment, you can see a man of faith declaring what he wanted. He shouted. He pleaded. You can boldly declare your dream, too. But be ready because when you declare your dreams, there will be hushers who will try to scold you, silent you, or even ridicule you. When the blind Bartimaeus started shouting, many of the people scolded him and told him to be quiet. But he shouted even more loudly.

How do you respond when there are hushers around you? Do you stop or do you persevere?

Here’s what happened next: Jesus stopped and said, “Call him.” So they called the blind man. “Cheer up!” They said. “Get up, he is calling you.”

In the midst of hushers are the right people. When you persevere, the right people will notice you. And guess what? When the right people start noticing you, even the hushers will become cheerers of you. They may even be the ones who will bring you the news to you.

Declare your dreams and declare them boldly. Expect hushers. Persevere.

Second, do. The story did not end there and so is the requirement to our dreams. To declare them is not enough.

Let’s continue the story: When they called him, he threw off his cloak, jumped up, and came to Jesus. In this particular scene, you see a series of actions being done. Bartimaeus was doing the required action.

He threw off his cloak – this can symbolize putting away wrong habits, negative mindset, past programs that are not benefiting you anymore. He jumped up – this shows us that we need to exert effort toward our dreams and we do not just limp or walk slowly, we jump! And came to Jesus – this signifies that when we take action, we have to move to the right direction to our dream, guided and grounded by our our values, our character, and our faith.

As we do the required action, expect that we will be tested. It is in these tests that we get clearer with what we really want.

The story continues: “What do you want me to do for you?” Jesus asked him. “Teacher,” the blind man answered, “I want to see again.”

While it may be obvious what he wanted, he had to be asked and he had to answer – what he really wanted.

In our course of implementing our plans to achieve our dreams, we will be challenged. Clarity in what you want will help your persevere instead of surrender.

Do what you need to do. And respond accordingly to tests and trials.

Third, deliver. When you do these steps, the results will come in due time. This is what happened to blind beggar Bartimaeus: “Go,” Jesus told him, “your faith has made you well.” At once he was able to see…”

The outcome that you wanted will be delivered to you in due season. You just have to do your part — in declaring and doing what is required in the name of faith.

But once the outcome is delivered to you, it is your turn to respond and deliver. The story of Bartimaeus closes, “At once he was able to see and followed Jesus on the road.”

I am not a theologian but here’s my guess: when he followed Jesus, he started listening to Him, observing what He does, and shared to other people what he experienced. He started delivering to others as well.


Three simple actions: declare, do, and deliver. But the results are immense. Do these things in the name of faith. In due time, you will be able to achieve those big, hairy, audacious dreams of yours.


Now that I delivered these powerful prescriptions, it’s your turn to deliver some results in your life and to the people around you. Declare. Do. Deliver. [Story taken from Mark 10:46-52 TEV]


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When Preparing a Speech or Presentation

Were you asked to give a speech or presentation but do not seem to know where and how to start? Or are you expecting to be invited to give a talk one of these days but you do not know how to go about it when it comes? Or is speaking part of your job and you always struggle everytime you think about it because you know you have to prepare but do not know what to prepare?

In today’s article, let me share with you three important things you need to consider when preparing a speech or presentation.

One, target. In everything that you do, there has to be a target. In every speech or presentation you give, you have to identify your purpose. That is your target. Do you want to inform the audience about something? Do you want to inspire them and give a message of hope? Do you want to persuade them to adopt a proposal or agree with your position? Or do you simply want to entertain them? Once you are clear with your purpose or target, it will be easier to prepare your presentation.  

Two, treasure. A speech or presentation is like a gift you will give to your audience. In that gift, there has to be a treasure. What is it going to be? What is the message you want them to remember? If you want to inform your audience, what are the things you want to inform them with? Is it going to be the ‘7 Keys to Achieve Your Aspirations,’ ‘3 Steps to File Your Leave,’ or ‘The Different Kinds of Investments.’ The treasure should be very clear and stated in one sentence. If it is not clear and cannot be stated briefly, then there is no speech yet. Keep working on it until the treasure is crystal clear.

Three, time. Know how much time is allotted to you. This is equally important. You might miss your target if you do not know how to use the time given to you wisely. The audience might forget the treasure you give them because you disrespected them by going way overtime. Anything that is too much is too much. So if you are given 5 minutes, please do not spend 50 minutes. If you are given 45 minutes, please do not just spend 4 minutes. If you are given 2 hours, please do not spend 3 hours. Know your time allotment and strive to stay within it. Time is also of the essence in delivering a speech.

There you have it! When giving a speech or presentation, remember these three and you already have the essentials to begin with. Start with your target. State your treasure. And stick within your time allotment.

Your audience will thank you for doing these.

Speak a message, spur inspiration, and spur action!

Chris Dao-anis


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Bet On What

One morning, John went to a horse race.

He was intently observing the horses before the race started. He saw something strange – a priest approached one of the horses, laid his hand on its head for a few seconds, and walked away.

Then the race began! And he saw something strange – that horse ran swiftly and won the race.

John whispered to himself, “Hmmm the priest’s blessing is effective.”

Another race was about to begin. He saw again that the priest approached one of the horses, laid his hand on its head for a few seconds, and walked away. And that horse ran swiftly and won the race.

John whispered again to himself, “Hmmm the priest’s blessing is really effective.”

Then the third race was about to begin. He saw that the priest approached a strange-looking horse, laid his hand on its head for a few seconds, and walked away.

John knew what to do. He ran swiftly to the betting window, pulled out his wallet, and gave all the money he had to bet on that particular horse.

When the race began, he saw something strange – that horse was the last to go out. After a few strides, the horse started limping. After a few more strides, the horse fell to its knees. After that, the horse dropped dead.

John was shocked. He almost fainted.

He approached the priest and asked, “Father, what happened? Why did the horse die? Did you not bless it?”

The priest replied, “Yes, I blessed him. But that was the last sacrament – the anointing of the sick.”

Lesson 1: Do not bet on random chance, bet on right chances. Last October 14, two people won the P1.18B lotto jackpot, the biggest in lotto history in the country. That was huge! But I am not encouraging you to bet on lotto. In fact, I discourage it. A financial expert once said, “Your chance of winning the lottery is even less than your chance of getting hit by lightning twice on the same place.” So, instead of betting on a horse race or betting on a lottery, bet on consistent right actions – work hard on the right projects, save and invest regularly on right channels. Friend, bet on right chances.

Lesson 2: Do not bet on something without understanding it. Some people put their money on something they do not understand; as a result, they lose it. Some people proceed on projects without understanding the proper purpose; as a result, they do not persevere when times get tough. Some people do not take the time to learn about that they do, who they are, and what their values are; as a result, they get easily swayed by false and misleading arguments. Friend, understand what you are betting on.

Lesson 3: Do not bet on anything other than goodness. To bet is to risk something on the basis of the outcome of a future event. If we have to bet on something in this world, then let us bet on goodness. Let us bet on good works. To bet is to put faith on something. In times of success and struggle, let us keep our bet on the right One, let us keep our Faith in our Lord, our Savior, our Provider.  Friend, that would be the best bet.


Speak a message, spark inspiration, spur action!

Chris Dao-anis


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The Overarching Ingredient

Last week, we talked about the four relevant concepts in leadership – the concepts of creativity, compounding, clarity, and collaboration. We were reminded to embrace our own creativity and the creativity of other people. And because the power of compounding takes time, we are called to keep on planting and hold on to the visions, to the dreams, and to the plans we have. In all these, clarity is very important because clarity is power. Finally, we are called to collaborate not to compete.

These four concepts are crucial to consider as we respond to the challenge of leadership. But there is an overarching ingredient that is so essential and can never be ignored – the ingredient of communication. James Humes said, “The art of communication is the language of leadership.”

When casting the vision, when sharing the plan, when setting expectations, the leader must communicate clearly to his constituents. In every interaction, communication is the leader’s most crucial tool.

In every interaction, communication is the leader’s most crucial tool..png

To use this more effectively, you and I, as leaders, must relearn the elements of communication. There are several of them but let us focus on just three for today: context, channel, and response.

First, context. Context is the setting or situation in which the communication takes place.

In what context are you operating in? What is the occasion? What is needed? Is there a problem that must be solved? Is there a concern that must be addressed immediately? Are there things the listener needs to be reminded of? What is the intention of conveying the message? What is the expected response?

Any message should be relayed with due consideration of the context. Most often, the message gets lost because the context was ignored.

Second, channel. The channel, also called  medium, is the means by which the message is transmitted or conveyed.

What is the best channel to convey the message? Is it going to be written, spoken, or both? Is it going to be face-to-face or via phone call? Is it going to be sent through email or sms?

It is best to choose the most appropriate channel when sending a message. Misunderstanding may arise and even escalate due to wrong choice of channel.

Third, response. Response is the feedback given by the listener (receiver) to the speaker (sender).

Upon conveying the message, what was the response given? Did they say yes or no? Did they understand what you told them? How positive are they in their response? Did they agree with you or was there a sign of disagreement?

I learned that communication is the response you get. Communication is not equal to conveying the message without receiving any response.

Context, channel, and response – these are essential elements we are being reminded of today. As leaders and communicators, we must bear in mind that communication is the overarching ingredient in leadership; for this ingredient to be used effectively, we must communicate with due consideration of the context, right choice of channel, and alertness to receive the listener’s response.

Dear leader, how are you communicating effectively in your company or organization?

Speak a message, spark inspiration, and spur action!

Chris Dao-anis

(Chris Dao-anis, CPA, DTM is a communication & leadership trainer, inspirational speaker, and author of four books. For training or speaking invitations, email him at Get a free video training on public speaking at Register to the Growth Summit and get your tickets at its lowest at  

Learning about Leadership

Leadership learning is a continuous process. The more you learn leadership lessons, the more you find out there is more to learn. Hence, we are called to continue learning about leadership wherever we are, whatever we do.

There a lot of learning opportunities. One area of leadership learning I have is in what I do as a professional speaker, trainer, author, and seminar leader. When appropriate and aligned, I would combine my personal professional projects with my personal Toastmasters projects. One of these was my project to write and publish a public speaking book which I used as my Pathways High Performance Leadership (HPL) project. (Pathways is the new educational program in Toastmasters, and HPL is one of the Level 5 projects.)

With the help of my team and with God’s grace, we had a successful seminar and book launch last September 1. (SPEAK: How to Craft and Deliver a Speech or Presentation with Competence and Confidence)

Image may contain: 2 people, crowd and indoorImage may contain: 2 people, crowd and indoorImage may contain: 2 people, crowd and indoorspeak.jpg

Through the years and with this recent project I had, I learned about four concepts that are relevant in leadership. These concepts must be understood, appreciated, and applied in our leadership journey.

First, the concept of creativity. Each person is creative and we are called to create things of beauty, things of value. Yes, all of us. I say this because nobody has a monopoly of creativity, of ideas.

Let us not be bound by the thinking that only a few are creative. At first, I had this misconception that only the painters, graphic artists, dancers and the like are creative. I was wrong. There are many forms of art and there are many forms of creativity.

Let us also not be bounded by the thinking that when others did something seemingly similar, you can no longer do what is yours. I have been contemplating about writing a book on public speaking and on confidence. A couple of months ago, my friend released her book on conquering stage fright while another friend is now writing one on speech communication. I asked myself, “Will I still write mine? Isn’t this similar as theirs?” After some time, I knew the answer: I will still write mine because my content would be different, my approach would be different, my angle would be different. It turns out, these three books, and all other books on this subject are not going to compete with each other, but rather, they will complement each other.

Therefore, embrace your own creativity and the creativity of other people.

In writing my book SPEAK, I had to enlist editors (Maria Agnes and Alexis Avery Garcia) who cleaned the dirt in my manuscript,

speak editors.jpg

I requested a proofreader (Augustin Dao-anis) to fine comb the copy.

speak proofreader.jpg

I also realized we can create more art and value during the book launch with more people contributing their own individual content and creativity.

(I thank my event team: Lois Belingon for hosting the program; Russel Beligan for taking care of the sounds;

speak host and sounds.jpg

Clar, Chaste and Genevie for manning the registration and book table;

speak reg.jpg

Dr. Sonja Chan, Andrea Cola, Jamie Yaneza, and Lois Belingon for being my panel speakers;

speak panel.jpg

my proofreader who also took photos; Hotel Veniz staff for the floor and stage setup; Occasions Party Needs Shop for the pillar balloons; my family for the support; and myVangie for being my event manager, marketing manager, and many other things.)

speak cmo.jpg

If people saw creativity in the book and in the book launch, it is because of this team of creatives.

speak team.jpg

Second, the concept of compounding. You may be thinking about the compounding interest of your investment that is growing through time. You are right. The power of compounding does not only apply to finances, it applies to other areas of life.

Be reminded that the power of compounding does not happen overnight, it happens over time. The thought of writing a public speaking book has been in my heart and mind years ago. But I am still happy that is was only now that I was able to do it because the learning I had through the years has been compounding and it will continue to grow even more in the years to come. My idea of SPEAK, of GROWTH Summit, and many other workshops has been with me all those years, planted in the my young heart and mind. With continuous learning and the power of compounding, those seeds are now slowly sprouting in their right times. There is more to my vision and I don’t know when it will be fulfilled but I know it will, most likely not by me alone.

Hence, keep on planting. Hold on to the visions, to the dreams, to the plans you have.

Third, the concept of clarity. Clarity is power. Be clear with your vision, be clear with your plans. Be clear with what you communicate. With the tight deadline we had in this project, I had to identify the specific dates when writing, editing, proofreading, and printing should be done.

Be clear with your expectations from your team.Last Saturday, before the book launch while we were having lunch, I had to give clear instructions to my registration team, emphasizing what needs to be prepared first.

Without clarity, there can be chaos. In my previous events in the past, while it was not that chaotic, there were several things that did not go as planned because I was assuming the team already knew what was expected of them. As the leader, I always have to remind myself of the importance of clarity.

All of these starts with a clear vision. But do not give up the vision if it seems unclear. Continuously clarify. The way to do it is to start implementing small portions of your grand plan. Because action breeds clarity.

Fourth, the concept of collaboration. Collaboration makes everyone win. We are called to collaborate not to compete. Again, nobody has the monopoly of creativity. What the other person will create shall complement the other person’s output.

But collaboration does not mean the journey will be smooth sailing. Some team members may not agree with you. But you can disagree without leading to disagreement. We can agree to disagree but we still are a team. We have one goal after all.   

Again, the concepts of creativity, compounding, clarity, and collaboration are relevant in leadership. May these concepts be made concrete in our choices, in what we do in our lives. We may fail and falter at times but such phase is not final. Let us continue, therefore, to sow seeds of leadership because some seeds will not grow, some may grow but may die after a while, while the rest will grow, flourish, and bear fruits.

Together, let us continue to learn about leadership.


Speak a message, spark inspiration, spur action!

Chris Dao-anis

(Chris Dao-anis, CPA, DTM is a communication & leadership trainer, inspirational speaker, and author. For training or speaking invitations, email him at  

Public Speaking Is Not Optional

You and I can become better public speakers regardless of our profession or business. Public speaking is not limited to professional speakers, trainers, teachers, priests, pastors, preachers, professors and politicians. It is a mistake to forget about public speaking if you are not one of them. It is also a mistake to forget about public speaking once you become one of them.

You and I need to hone our public speaking skills no matter what we do in life.

you and i.png

All of us – at certain points in our lives – have spoken and will speak or present in various occasions for several reasons. So even if you are not a speaker by profession, public speaking is for you. And if you speak or present regularly as part of who you are and what you do, this public speaking definitely is also for you.

It may sound grandiose, but it is my aim to help build a better community through better presentations and speeches every time a speaker or presenter takes the stage.

It is with this aspiration that I am writing a book called SPEAK: How to Craft and Deliver a Speech or Presentation with Competence and Confidence which will be launched on September 1 in Baguio City. I invite you to join us as we journey together to build a better community, a better country one better public speaker and presenter at a time.

    01 front

This book aims to help you gain the knowledge and skills, the competence and confidence to craft and deliver speeches and presentations.


Chapter 1 discusses the importance of developing your communication and public speaking skills.

Chapter 2 shares my story and that of other people who transformed from somebody who was shy or not-so competent in speaking in public to someone who speaks with competence and confidence.

Chapter 3 gives an overview of the framework of crafting and delivering a speech or presentation; each part will have a focused discussion in the succeeding chapters.

Chapter 4 presents the areas to be considered when crafting your speech content: how to aim your presentation, how to support it, and how to write it.

Chapter 5 reveals patterns and purposes of the different ways to structure your presentation.

Chapter 6 provides you tools in delivering your presentation powerfully.

Chapter 7 focuses on how you will be able to connect with your audience not just during your presentation but even as you prepare it.

Chapters 8 and 9 support your aspiration to build competence and confidence.

And Chapter 10 will challenge you into something higher.

You are in for a treat. Come and join us for a Public Speaking Seminar and Book Launch on September 1, 1-5pm. Registration is now open with the Discounted Rate of P597 (until August 31; Walk in Rate is P650). Sign up now at Your registration entitles you to a seat to the seminar, snacks, certificate, and a FREE copy of the book. Register now before it goes up to a higher price. For inquiries, you may text us at 0945-761-6577.

Seminar-Book Launch-cover.png

(Chris Dao-anis, CPA, DTM is a communication & leadership trainer, inspirational speaker, and author. SPEAK: How to Craft and Deliver a Speech or Presentation is his fourth book.)

What Leaders Really Do

John Maxwell said, “Leadership is not a position. It is influence.” So regardless of your position, you are a leader. And this is for you!

In today’s article, let me share with you seven things that leaders do.

One, leaders aspire for something greater. They do not just manage what is available in the present, they desire for something better. They long for something more – more that is good. They cast a vision, a dream that one day shall come to pass. As they do, they share this vision to the people around them. This brings us to the next thing they must do.

Two, leaders build trust and teams. If people follow a leader simply because of his position, it won’t last and it will be intensely difficult. The leader must be able to build a relationship with his followers. He must be able to communicate the goodness of his vision. He must be able to enlist the team to his dream. He must be able to build that much needed trust through his words, actions, and the way he live his life.

Three, leaders create a culture of collaboration. While collaboration has been a buzz word for quite some time, competition is still ingrained in our culture. It is still very evident in our way of life. We have been told the fallacy that somebody has to lose for someone else to win. The truth is we can all win. Everybody in the team can win together. Thus, leaders must be able to create such new culture of collaboration.

Four, leaders deliver rightful results. Leaders are chosen, appointed or elected because something has to be done. A team or a group of people is being lead for a purpose. There is an expectation of results. And leaders bear that burden to bring the results. With this is the expectation of many challenges that shall come. Times will get tough. The going gets difficult. But the leader shall take the lead to deliver rightful results with his capacity and character.

Five, leaders exemplify goodness and greatness. Part of aspiring for something greater and building the trust is living as an example. The leader has to be the embodiment of goodness and greatness. The leader has to be the role model. The leader has to be a living example. I don’t mean he has to be perfect, otherwise, nobody will lead. It is in his constant effort and dedication to live up to the ideals of the vision, of that something good and great that the team now aspires for.

Six, leaders are faithful to the source of leadership. A leader loses the sense of his leadership once he forgets the source of leadership. Regardless of field, a leader gets his leadership from the people (the team, clients/customers, the people around him). He also gets his leadership from nature, from the environment, from Mother Earth (it is nature that demanded for leadership or else there will be chaos in this world). Ultimately, a leader is only an extension of God’s leadership. It is just right and a must that the leader stays faithful to God. And even if he makes mistakes, he must always come back to God. By himself, he won’t be able to do it; but with God’s grace, he will.

Seven, leaders grow everyday in all areas. If a leader has to do all these things, he must continue to grow in all areas of life every single day. As a human being, he won’t be able to do all these things perfectly. But if he strives to grow in these areas everyday, it is as if he is also doing it well. And keeps on improving everyday.

After all, that is what you and I can do and must do. To grow. To live. To lead. The best way we can.


Speak a message, spark inspiration, spur action!

Chris Dao-anis


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(Chris Dao-anis, CPA, DTM is a communication & leadership trainer, inspirational speaker, and author. SPEAK: How to Craft and Deliver a Speech or Presentation is his fourth book.)



What Does ‘Behave’ Really Mean

Once upon a time, my mother enrolled me in a barangay day care center in our town in Kibungan. I was five years young then. After ten months, they say we were graduating. I really didn’t  know what I have been doing during those months but on the day of our recognition rites, I was surprised because I was awarded ‘Most Behave.’

But maybe, it is no surprise at all. Why? Because I have been ‘behaving’ all those months. And when we say ‘behave’ we usually think of a person who sits still and stay silent. Not making noise when the teacher is talking and not moving from one seat to another. Someone who does not bully anyone and someone who knows how to follow instructions. I was that kind of boy who ‘behaves.’ And that was good. But in hindsight, I realized that something was missing. I missed the other side of behaving in an active way.

In my thirty years of living, I learned what ‘behaving’ really means. Behaving does not only mean sitting still and staying silent; behaving also means standing up and speaking your mind. Behaving does not only mean staying to your prescribed position; behaving also means asserting your right when you are being mistreated and aspiring for a higher cause. Behaving does not only mean not bullying; behaving also means empowering others, equipping them and inspiring them.  Behaving does not only mean knowing how to follow instructions; behaving also means stepping up to lead when a group needs direction, guidance, coaching or a simple cheer. Behaving is growing.

You and I are being called to behave. You and I are like that boy who was awarded ‘Most Behave’ because of the good things we have done and what we have accomplished so far. But our journey of growth has not ended and we shall think and act in a way that one day, we will again receive that award ‘Most Behave’ because the seeds of action that we are sowing right now, being nourished and nurtured by the positive attitude and growth mindset that we have, those seeds shall sprout, grow up, and bear fruits.

That is our message today. That is how we should be behave. To grow in our behavior – so we can take command of our career with confidence, so that we can communicate with competence, and so that we can lead with character. You and I shall grow!

After all, growth is part of our nature. It is part of living. It is the root and the fruit of our behavior, of our actions, of our mindset, of our heartset.

Today, let me remind you of your nature – you are meant to grow. So reconnect to that mindset of growth that is at the very core of your being. Look around and see a glimpse of your very nature. Plants that are growing, animals that are growing, people who are growing.

Stop telling yourself this is the only thing you can do. Stop telling yourself this is only how far you can go. Stop telling yourself this is only who you are. That is not your nature.

What’s your nature? You can do more things. You can grow yourself more. You can become more. And why so? Because you shall keep on creating, connecting and contributing. Because you are being called to live your life – a life in its fullness! For the glory of God.

Today, my friend, behave!

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(Chris Dao-anis, CPA, DTM is a communication & leadership trainer, inspirational speaker, and author. His latest book ‘Living Large in the Little Things’ is available at Mt. Cloud Bookshop, Casa Vallejo, Upper Session Road, Baguio City. For talks and trainings, email or visit You may also text 0945-761-6577.)

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When You’re Down and Out, Get Out and About

One day, a young man was having a bad day. He was feeling down. He was feeling bad. Then a wise man came and said, “Buy tickets!”

The surprised young man asked, “What do you mean?”

The wise man replied, “Open the paper today. Look for events happening in town. And buy tickets!” Then he gave the young man P500 to buy tickets.

The young man did as he was told. Be bought tickets to a concert and brought along his friends.

While listening to a particular song in that concert, he was deeply moved, inspired, and felt empowered. That moment changed the course of his day. It changed the course of his week. And that got him out and about of what he thought was a moment when he was down and out.

“Buy tickets!” Such a simple advise. Such a simple thing to do. But it can do magic.

Why? Because sometimes, when you think you are down and out, what you need to do is just to get out. Get yourself into a new environment – into a more positive and nurturing one. Into an inspiring mood. Listen to new teachings. Interact with positive people. Learn life lessons. Stop being so absorbed of that sadness and start engaging with joy and jubilation, with education and empowerment.


“When you are down and out, you need to get out and about!” (Thanks to Brendon Burchard for this line.)

When you get out, you will also gain a sense of perspective that your life is not that bad after all. That other people’s lives may be even worse but you see them still fighting with that spirit of a peaceful and cheerful warrior. They are bringing the joy to their circumstances. They are continually searching fruits amidst failures. They are continually growing amidst struggles. They are continually living a life full of faith, hope and love. They are continually living life!


Do you feel you are down and out? Do you feel you are stuck? Do you feel burn out? Here’s my tip: BUY TICKETS! Search for worthwhile events you can be part of and buy tickets today!

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