Strengthen Communication and Earn. How’s that?

After reviewing my stock purchases I had today, I got myself on Youtube and there was this music video – Where Are You Now by the Honor Society. There were these gentlemen and their ladies enjoying the moment as the the following words drove in and danced with the music waves:

…To my favorite teacher (who) told me never “give up”…
…To my first girlfriend I thought for sure was the one…
…To the few who’d swear I’d never go anywhere
Where are you now?…

Hmmmm. Do you know that song?

Anyway, this reminded me of how I missed my high school friends when I was just starting my college days. And to cope with the times, my cellphone came into the rescue. I would buy load and register for Unlimited Text and send SMS to all my friends. At times I would just say “Hi!” while at other times I would be sending all these thought-provoking words of wisdom from the great thinkers of olden times.

I buy load for me stay connected with my friends. Through the miles, we remained friends. Communication was sustained and so the friendship was.

These days, I don’t text that much. I even text much slower now compared to how fast I could type texts on my cellphone when I was younger. (Now, I’m just young!)

For now, I prefer to communicate with my distant friends through Facebook, Email, or Skype but I still do need to buy load because every now and then, I need to call or text some friends, my family, some entrepreneurial partners, several outreach project partners, and many more.

While online communication is much available, the use of mobile phones is not much discounted. It is still part of the main stream of communication medium.

It’s so good that these are available for us to maintain and strengthen our communication with family, friends, and business partners. Brilliant inventors and innovators of these modern years continue to invent and innovate as they continually live up to their name and gifting. Such is a good news, isn’t it!

And I have another good news! Ready for it? Oh wait! I have to warn you. This may not be for everybody but to those who use their cellphones and buy load for communication, you may just have to take a look at this and investigate it yourself. If this is for you, then grab it. If you think this is not for you, it’s fine. Those who venture on this can still serve you and help you in strengthening your communication with family and friends.

We can still stay connected!

Those who want to venture in, strengthen communication and earn. How’s that? Simply, earn while you consume and there’s more than that. Learn more, click here.

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Invest in Stocks Now

I bought a little number of stocks today and voila….the prices continued to drop!

Ouch!!! Loss on the record – I should have waited but worry not, that’s just paper loss. And because I consider myself an investor that eyes for the long term (hmmmm say, 10+ years), the short term ups and downs is just fine and of course is already a ‘given’ in the picture – and what you see in a decade graph is an upward line.

But for the trader, he might be scratching his head up to now if he purchased shares some hours back. I guess, most traders are not buying this time. I’m not sure about it.

But for those who invest, they even say that now is the best time to buy. So enter the market now and set your eyes on the long term. Apply Strategic Averaging Method so your costs are spread to its minimum.

Trading (buy now, sell tomorrow ~ literally) is done successfully by the elite few while most who “trade” fail tragically. Sophisticated technical analyses and prognoses are needed for you to succeed in “trading” while in the arena of “investing”, even Bo’s maids are doing great…

How about you?

Start investing now.


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How to Change

Do you want to change something in your life?

Perhaps you want to change a bad habit or a situation that’s dragging you?

Maybe you want to help someone in his or her struggle to change something in life?

As for me, I do want to change a lot of things. But it is not that easy as pressing the keys A-B-C or Do-Re-Mi on the keyboard. It is difficult!

But the thing is that, when we triumph over that difficulty in changing the things we want to change in our life, then it would really be a victory!

As my friend snoozes to sleep after his tiring trip from Abra back here to Makati for tomorrow’s work, I grabbed a Kerygma magazine sent to me for being part of the fantastic Kerygma Family (an awesomely “blessing-filled” online community founded by Bo Sanchez that also supports his ministries).

I held the magazine in my hand as I went out to the nearby fastfood chain that serves this finger-licking chicken from the recipe of Col. Sanders. There were two persons in line before me so I started turning the pages of what’s in my hand and continued to read the last part of the article. I already read the most part while I was on my way to KFC. Yes, imagine how I walk so slow at times while reading as fast as I could while keeping all the message from the words being caught by my eyes.

Then my turn came. I ordered and “turned down” the soda part. I guess, for a year, I missed saying, “No drinks.” and so I did this time and just asked for a glass so I can pour some water stationed on the side.

So I there I grabbed a pair of spoon and fork, poured water to my glass, walked to a table, and proceeded with my dinner as fast as I could.

When I finished my food, I got the change I just placed on the table with the receipt and stood up. On my way, I turned to another page and there I’ve read Bo Sanchez’s “Who’s Afraid of Change?”

He shares that there are wrong tools and right tools used to realize change – it maybe something in your life or somebody else’s life.

The wrong tools, which are being used unfortunately by many or even most of us, are facts, fear, or force.

See why a doctor who knows the life damaging effects of smoking still burns a stick in his mouth. He knows the facts but why doesn’t he change? Why does he smoke despite all the facts you (or he) can think of?

Why does a man who has been warned that his days on this earth is going to soon end unless and until he stops his unhealthy eating habits?

Or how about you in grade school being threatened or forced by your “monster” teacher to do this and that or simply sit and shut up? You may be so quiet when that teacher comes but you shout out loud and even cheer more when she goes out of the class. Alright, it might not be you. It might have been your classmates. I had classmates like that before. Good for me, I had no issues with my teachers before. (To my teachers, I thank you.) They seem to be biased when I had a bit of misbehavior. (Hehe) No, I’m not a teacher’s son or a teacher’s pet. In their eyes, I’m just a good boy. (Ahem.)

So you see, these tools do not work. Facts, fear, or foce do not work. Alright, you may object and say, “It does work!”

Oh yes, it does but only for a short while. The effect is not sustainable. People change because of facts, fear, or force but after some days or weeks, they go back to their old lives.

Do you see these people? Do you have experiences like this when you were trying to change something in your life but it is simply not working. Not simply, but painfully not working. Ouch! I, too, have those ones.

But here’s the good news. We can really change. Yes, we can change using the right tools. 

And here they are.

Relate. Repeat. Reframe.

“And do it in an emotional relationship of hope.”

Bo shares the gargantuan difference between how a certain Dean Ornish practices his healing by teaching his patients, being with them, living with them and maintaining a personal relationship compared to merely performing a bypass operation and presenting the facts – with the doctor saying something like, “Your artery is clogged. You need to have a bypass. You’ve got to do this and that.”

“Dr. Edward Miller, CEO of Johns Hopkins Hospital and the dean of the medical school of Johns Hopkins University says that two years  after the bypass operation of patients, study after study say that 90 percent do not change lifestyle.” 

Astonishingly, on the other hand, 70 percent of the patients of Dean Ornish would have maintained their new lifestyle. “They would still exercise, eat healthy food, and do meditation and yoga.”

It was all because he used the right tools. He had an emotional relationship with them. He lived with them. Developed a habit with them through repetition. And he reframed their thinking in the right way.

Look at changed people. You can see this pattern. You see the pattern where  relationships, repetition, and reframing of thinking played in the arena of their story of changed life.

Review your relationships. In an emotional way, revisit it. Link it why you have to change this or that. Seek your emotional why.

Seek help from Christian friends. They can help.

Be a Christian friend to someone else.

Bo says, “Christianity is an emotional relationship of hope, a relationship with Jesus. Christianity is a relationship with Someone who loves you so much and sees something in you that you yourself cannot see.”

Nurture yourself with this message with the help of a support group.

Sow this message to others.


Change something by starting a new habit. Develop it. They say that habits are formed in 20 to 30 days. And consistency and repetition is the key. If you break it, don’t stop. Just keep on doing it with all your effort until you do it effortlessly.


Reframe your way of thinking. Reframe your thoughts. Keep on feeding your mind with good resources. Read books. Read magazines like this while waiting for your finger-licking meal. Attend seminars. Keep on learning. Open your mind to God’s wisdom.

And yes, I suggest you attend a Feast near you and join a support group or what we call Caring Group in the Light of Jesus Family.


Once again, to see the change coming, use the right tools.





PS: If you like this article, share it to your friends now. God bless!.

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Going Solo (and Happy) on Valentine’s Day

Are you going solo on Valentine’s Day?

Are you sad to go solo on Valentine’s Day?

Are you happy to be on a date with your partner this Valentine’s Day?

On Valentine’s Day, will your Facebook status declare that you are single or in a relationship?

Are you happy either way?

These past weeks, I was hopping around the physical and virtual world and have been hearing a sound that seem to reverberate in the world of the singles.

In their latent or patent consciousness, some say, “My status on Valentine’s Day should be in a relationship.” Others say, “I will stay single.” The rest say, “I will turn single on Valentine’s Day. Happy Independence Day!!!”

Whatever your status will be, be happy. That’s how it should be. (I mean, happiness is not dependent on your civil or FB status!)

Don’t wait to be in a relationship so you can be happy. Or don’t wait to be married so you can be happy. Don’t wait. Just choose to be happy today.

Are you going solo on Valentine’s Day? I hope you will answer, “Yes, I am and I am happy.”

Are you in a relationship right now and still be on Valentine’s Day? I hope you will answer, “Yes, I am and I am happy.”

Are you in a relationship right now but wants to be released this Valentine’s Day? … Oh well, that would be a sad scenario. But if you need to, then don’t wait for Valentine’s Day. If that relationship is sucking you all up and draining you, then release yourself. Do it while it is early. Relationship should nurture you. If it is the other way around, how can you stay in that cage and be happy? Declare your own Independence Day if you need to. Today, be happy.

Now, for those who are going solo (and happy, of course) this Valentine’s Day, it does not mean that you go solo for the rest of your life. While some may do, others don’t.

Let me end this post by sharing some Relationship Tips for Singles from the Dr. Allan and Maribel Dionisio of Love Institute. (I got this when I attended the Singles Stream during the Kerygma Conference in November 2011.)


Here’s five in their long list:

1. List your core values in the areas of Love, Career, Money, Children, Communication, Religion/Faith and Sex. You and your partner need to have similar core values for greater compatibility.

2. Enhance your emotional maturity that entails flexibility, openness, confidence and emotional security. Attend two Personal Growth seminars to heal hurts and pains of your growing up years.

3. True love comes with time. An exclusive relationship of three years will test this love, needed for a happy marriage. Long distance relationship is not encouraged.

4. Marriage requires personal maturity. So it is best to get married in our late 20’s at the earliest.

5. Marry your last lover not your first or your one and only one. You deserve to choose the best.

We end the list here for now. 🙂
Other tips in other posts.

So on Valentine’s Day, whether you are single, in a relationship, or married, I hope that you will be happy. And right now, I pray that you are happy.

As for me, I am going solo on Valentine’s Day and I am happy. Of course, I don’t know what may happen these coming days… But one thing is for sure, I choose to be happy. 🙂

Cheers! Love life and be happy.


Live your dreams with love,

Chris Dao-anis


[This article is part of Chris’ first book – The Gift of the Ordinary.]

[Read other empowering articles of Chris in his column with the Herald Express here.]

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More Than Those Leaves Falling

There is much more than those leaves that are falling.

Here’s a story from Bo Sanchez he shared in today’s Feast at the PICC, the last feast for the year 2011.

There was once a tree on top of a hill. A handsome tree. An awesome looking tree. But he is alone. No other trees around him. He was alone on top of that hill – standing in grandeur.

(By the way, I am writing this from memory, not from a video or audio. Some words and the style maybe mine but Bro. Bo is the one who made up this story. And I would say, I’m a big fan of him so my style may much be influenced by his. I hope I’ll drive home his points.)

One day, he noticed that one of his leaves are turning brown. He felt sad. That one leaf continued to turn brown and one day, it fell down. The tree mourned. “Oh, I’m dying. Look at that leaf falling.”

Days gone by and another leaf turned brown. Later on, it fell. The tree mourned. “Oh, I’m dying. Look at those leaves falling.”

More days gone by and some more leaves turned brown. Later on, they fell. The tree mourned. “Oh, I’m dying. look at those leaves falling. I’m dying.”

Suddenly, a bird perched on one of its branches. The bird sang to the tree. The tree smiled but then the bird looked at the tree and noticed a bit of sadness in the face of the tree. The bird asked, “Why are you lonely, lovely tree?”

“Oh, bird. I’m dying. Look at those leaves. They have fallen and more and more are falling. I’m dying.”

The bird laughed. “What?!”

“Have you seen any other tree?”

The tree answered, “No.”

“That’s why,” the bird remarked.

“You know, what you are experiencing right now has been and is being experienced by every tree in the whole wide world. You are not dying.”

“Really?” the tree exclaimed.

“Oh, yes. Absolutely.”

“I have three messages for you:

“First, look at those leaves that have fallen. Count them. How many?”

The tree answered, “94.”

“Now, look at the leaves that are on your branches. Count them. How many?”

And the tree tried to count. He swayed his head from left to right, left to right, trying to count all the leaves on his branches.

“There a lot of them. I can’t count them. There are a lot of them!” the tree shouted.

Suddenly, a smile was painted on his face again. He got the message. Some leaves may have fallen but those that are still on the branches are so much bountiful – and still green and fresh. The tree is much alive!

Look at what’s there not at what’s missing.

“Second message,” the bird continued.

“Now, look at the parts of branches from where the leaves have fallen.”

The tree looked at them. He was saddened again, “Oh, they are empty.”

“Look carefully,” the bird demanded.

With wrinkled face, the tree uttered, “Oh, they are empty.”

“Look carefully,” the bird ordered.

“Ok!” And the tree look carefully at those spaces and he saw some small, tiny, little leaves sprouting.

He smiled again. He got the message.

Some things fall down to give way to new fresh leaves. You lose some things in life to give way to some things more wonderful and much better – a job, a girlfriend, a boyfriend, a pair of slippers, laptop, or tab.

“Third message,” declared the bird.

“Now, look at the leaves that have fallen from your branches.”

“They are down on the ground and they are rotting. Oh, poor leaves. They are rotting.”

“Listen, tree:

“Those rotting leaves will fertilize the soul. They will nourish the ground to feed you through your roots for you to grow more leaves and stronger branches.”

And the tree smiled at the bird once again. That smile which was lost for a while was painted back on its face.

He got the message. Things fall. Trials come. Challenges arrive. But we are not dying. Some parts of us or some things we have need to rot to give us fertilizers that nourish us, that feed us, that propel us to hang on, and to live on.


Do you see yourself in the tree’s place?

Please listen to the bird’s message.

There is much more than those leaves falling.

Live your life, Young Mind!

Glorify Your Talent

Glorify your talent. How’s that?

Interpret it the way you think (in a glorifying perspective).

Let me share a quick peek of the great event I was just blessed with.

One Friday night, I wasn’t sure if I am going to attend the Singles Stream of the Kerygma Conference (KCon) the next day as I am still recovering from a bit tough cough and colds that acquired me two days off from work.

I woke up at 5 in the morning and I bet I feel fine so I figured, He wanted me to attend the great event.

Hours after, I was with a huge number of singles receiving the blessings from the Lord in the happy and fun-filled KCon at the Aliw Theater.

Alongside the talks and songs of worship, there were entertainment numbers rendered by “celebrities.”

The Cercado Sisters and The Akafellas

These two groups from those tagged as “celebrities” were invited to share their talents in the KCon and they did it – gloriously. They exuded their talents and glorified the Lord.

I was amazed by their performance. Being near the stage, I witnessed the rendition with more impact. It was just great.

I am not going to give a “play-by-play” account of their performance or even critic how they did it. I just wish to appreciate them in bringing more glory to the Giver of Talents.

So what’s the point?

It is this: To glorify the Lord in our talents.

Whatever it is – it may be singing, or playing the drums, guitar, or piano. It may be dancing, or mere clapping (with classic finesse).

Any “talent” that you can call your talent. 🙂

With the theme of this year’s KCon, let us glorify the Giver of Talents with our talents.

More about the KCon in other posts.

“But we all.. are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory.” 2 Corinthians 3:18


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Live your life, Young Mind!

From Bo Sanchez’s The Feast

It was my first time.

At 6 AM, I jumped out of my bed, drank a glass of water, and hurried to take my shower.

At 6:30, I was on the road.

At first, I thought of taking a taxi cab but thinking it is still early, I decided to take a jeepney. Thus, one jeepney, then a tricycle, then one more jeepney, and finally, the last jeepney.

Before the last one, I was asking the driver of the second jeepney where’s the jeep heading to PICC. He gave me directions (By the way, he is the third person giving me directions that morning.) Another passenger, a mother with her baby on her arms, overheard our conversation and said, “Sabay ka na lang. Papunta din kami doon.”

I said, “Thank you.” and joined them toward the other jeepney station.

She was carrying her baby with two more bags in her arms so I offered my help to carry the other bag. She handed it to me and we continued walking toward the final jeepney heading to the PICC.

As we reached our destination, I got off as she and the other passengers got off, too. I learned that they are going also to a religious event just across the PICC.

She asked, “Saan ka na, kuya?”

I bet she is older than me that she should not be calling me kuya but I just smiled and responded, “Dito ako sa kabila, sa PICC po.”

We exchanged smiles and bid each other a blessed day, then we part ways.

I arrived at the PICC at around 7:30.

Before I entered the doors of the Reception Hall inside the PICC where The Feast is to be held, a gentleman in his youth (just like me) handed me a two-page reading material about The Feast and the upcoming Kerygma Conference. I thanked him and told him that I was coming for the first time and ask where the hall is. He showed me the direction and said, “Welcome to The Feast.”

I smiled back and entered the glass doors.

I hadn’t had my breakfast yet so I looked around for something to eat.

I approached one usherette, “Good morning.” I asked, “I wonder if there are some water (or food items) for sale here.”

She pointed to the corner and said, “There are items for sale there.”

I walked to the corner and bought a bottled water and a bread, enough to serve as my breakfast. (Oh yes, next time, I should wake up earlier so I can I have a better breakfast!)

My takeaway 1:

“Ask and you shall receive.” I asked for directions from the driver, other passengers, and the usher and usherette; they gave me directions. Before, I could not even ask for directions from strangers; thus, I got none. Now, I asked; thus, I got one.

Your takeaway 1(My takeaway, too.):

Are you asking? Are you praying? Are talking to God’s people around?

At around 8, the band played the first song and then the mass commenced. The gospel reading centered on The Parable of the Talents. The priest shared a beautiful homily about the parable.

My takeaway 2:

Don’t be afraid to let your talents out. Share it. Develop it. It will grow a hundred fold. (Let me talk more about the parable in another post.)

Your takeaway 2 (My takeaway, too.):

What are your talents? What have you been doing with it? What are you going to do with it?

After the mass, Bo Sanchez was introduced and he dashed onto the stage with the glow on his face.

Among other things, he shared about the 90-10 rule related by Stephen Covey in one of his books.

My takeaway 3:

The 10% of our life is what happens to us. When you are stuck in traffic, when your boss nags, when your boyfriend leaves you, when your girlfriend slaps you, when your battery got drained… Anything that happens to you. That belongs to the smaller percentage – the 10%.

So what comprises the bigger percentage – the 90%?

The 90% is how you act on the 10%. It is how you respond to what happens to you. Are you responding positively? Are you reacting appropriately?

Note that the 10% is under the Area of your Concern and the 90% is under the Area of your Control.

The 10% affects you and thus; your concern. But can you do something about it?

You can’t!

The 90%, you can! This is the area that you can control. You have control to how you react. You have control to how you respond – to the bad traffic, to your nagging boss, to your boyfriend, to your girlfriend, to the drained battery… Anything!

You have the power to that 90%. You have the control to that 90%.

Again, that 90% is how we react or respond to what happens to us.

So what are you going to do with the 10%? This is still under the Area of our Concern.

The 10% that you cannot control – SURRENDER IT TO GOD!

You cannot do about it but the powerful God can do something about it.

Surrender the 10% and work on the 90%.

Your takeaway 3 (My takeaway, too.):

What are you doing with the 10%? What are you doing with the 90%?

Contemplate on this. Be guided. Be blessed.

PS: I admit these takeaways are but great challenges to me, too. They are simple but not easy. It requires effort, faith, and trust. I am sharing this as it pushes me to make my own effort; and if you learn something and do something based what you read in this post – that would be great. Let God be glorified!

PS 2: I told you in my previous post that I will be attending The Feast at least once a month but then now, I decided to attend every Sunday, except on impracticable instances, if any. By the way, I also had enjoyed singing songs at The Feast and it is just awesome. More singing to come!

This coming Sunday, I will be attending for the second time. It won’t be in PICC. It will be in the CCP Complex as it is going to be a Grand Feast as the closing of the Kerygma Conference that is going to start this coming Friday with a series of talks on Leadership Stream and an opening concert. (The concert – free admission.) On Saturday, there are series of talks on multiple streams that are to be held simultaneously; Being a single, I will be attending the Singles Stream. 🙂 (I don’t have a ticket yet but I will check on it these coming days.) The Grand Feast concludes the Kerygma Conference on Sunday. (Free Admission, too.) For more details, see

God bless.

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Live your life, Young Mind!


Who is your hero?

Can you be a hero, too?

How can you be a hero?

In my previous post Filling in the Blanks, I have mentioned that my hero is myself and the Lord. Let me correct that a bit, the Lord and myself. I believe, putting the Lord first can make a difference – a BIG DIFFERENCE.

My other post Your Real-Life Superhero talks about me being my hero, and so with you being your hero. This is about you being your own real-life superhero with the fact that only you yourself can take action, you yourself can make the move, you yourself can live your life. (Check on these articles to read more. But read them later. Stay put on this first. Remember, your hero won’t get away. You won’t, right?)

So why be a hero?

Let me share to you a video I just watched on youtube titled “Heroes Break Feast.” Yes, it is a recording made in one of the wonderful events in the world. Yes, I so believe it.

In fact, I wanted to attend this fantastic Feast at least once a month. Hear ye: It’s free! Oh yes, would that tell us again that the wonderful things in this world are free? Look around. Look within. Look in the mirror! Gaze at those lovely eyes of yours.

OK. Stop looking at the mirror. Read on. 🙂

I haven’t attended this event yet and I am planning to first attend this coming Sunday, November 13 (8:00 to 10:00 AM) at the PICC. If you want to join me, you may leave a comment below or send me a message so we can go together. Whoah! I’m excited! It will be my first time.

To have have a glimpse of how fantastic this event is and how it can change your life, watch the video below. And if you want to know more about Bro. Bo Sanchez, the man of God behind this Feast, I have provided a link to his blog on the right side of this page.

Check on it. He offers a free e-book How to Know If Your Dreams Are God’s Dreams and he gives out his Practical Soulfood For Successful People through this blog.

There is a link to his blog listed on my blogroll and another link to the club, The Truly Rich Club, of which I am a proud member, too. Check on this. Click on The Truly Rich Club logo/image on the right side of this page and see a list of huge blessings.

For now, fasten your seatbelt and enjoy this video.

Be blessed!

PS: As I watch videos of the Feast, I imagine myself singing with them – ON STAGE. OK, maybe not on stage. I just wanted to be in this event and listen to God’s words through Bro. Bo Sanchez and join the singing, even in the back row. That would be fantastic.

Singing? Yes, I love music and I would love share my gift of music. If you can give me a workshop, tell me and I’d be happy to improve my singing voice with you. I just hope I have something to improve. If none, let’s see if we can develop or create one. 🙂 OK. I don’t mean a formal workshop, if you just want to sing, too, I’d be happy to sing with you. 🙂 Enough of this, let’s talk about this next time.

Now may proceed to check on my other posts. You may click on those top posts listed or on the categories on the right side of this page then pick the articles that gets your attention.

I want to hear from you, too, so leave your comments below. Let’s grow our thoughts as we bless each other’s minds.

By the way, you may wish to subscribe to this blog. Check on the top right portion of this page.

By the way, if you will be on Youtube once again, type in the key words “The Feast Bo Sanchez” and watch their videos.

Be blessed!

Live your life, Young Mind!

Start Walking (Part 3)

Just do it.

This tagline of Nike struck me once again and it never failed to keep me going.

Just do it. Start walking.

In the middle of a chat with Khoa Bui, I asked, “So you are a trainer at…?”

“Yes. It’s one of my corporate training gigs,” he remarked.

(Khoa Bui is an international speaker, author, and entrepreneur. Check him out at I’ll tell you more of this big guy as I’ll know him more.)

“Oh, wow! Great! I want to do training, too,” I exclaimed.

“You should. What type?”

I held my breath. He is right. That is a question I must answer.

I told him in reply, “I’m still looking into what specific type. You see, I am a CPA but I do not want to stuck myself in front of my PC preparing financial reports and all that.”

Shortly, he answered with a smile, “Cool, man!”

Then he shouted, “DO IT!”

He did not actually shout at me but I think I should shout it to myself and to everyone who wants to do something that they are passionate about. “DO IT!”

Just do it. It’s the thing I am talking about in my posts Start Walking and Start Walking Part 2.

While I was doing some exercise to sweat out the stress from my 8-5 day job, I asked myself, “Am I doing something to pursue this as one of my passions? Did I start walking? Or should I command myself to DO IT!?”

Yes. I am. I started walking. I am doing it with some quick strides while mostly with baby steps. There should be nothing wrong with that.

Just do it. Start walking even with baby steps, and when we are warmed up, we can take quick strides and eventually, run!

Later on, I will be sharing more on these quick strides and baby steps I am doing.

For now, ask yourself, “Am I doing something to pursue my passions? Did I start walking? Or should I command myself to DO IT!?”

Come on. Contemplate on this and start walking.

Start Walking (Part 2)

So have you started walking?
Or are you still stuck at where you were before?

In my previous post, Start Walking, I ended urging you to just start walking and we’ll see each other at the top.

So what am I saying?

I am telling you to start doing something to reach what you wanted to achieve.

Do you want to be an inspirational speaker? Start speaking. Speak up. Talk to the person to your right. Tell something he is good at.

Do you want to be a singer? Start singing while bathing. Sing in church. Join the choir. Oh, it is just great to lift your spirit while singing for others and to the Lord.

Do you want to be a writer? An author? Start scribbling. Start putting into words your positive thoughts. Just write, write, and write. Edit later. Then share.

Do you want to learn more? Read. Start grabbing that book dusting on the shelf. Open its pages. Devour its wisdom.

Read. Listen. Observe. Contemplate.

So what do you want to achieve? What should you do to achieve it?

Move your feet and stride some kicks.

Start walking and we’ll soon see each other shining.