3 things that struck me in Romans 1:1-7

You are called!

Three things that struck me about the first seven verses of St. Paul’s letter to the Romans (1:1-7):


– Paul, a servant of Jesus Christ (v1)

– an apostle, called and set apart for God’s Good News (v1); {he encountered Jesus on the road to Damascus; in his time, gospel signifies good news which means victory; [Jesus’ victory]}


– Jesus Christ (v1), the Son, born in the flesh, a descendant of David (v3), the Son of God (v4); {the Son of God, made man, to share our condition, who died and resurrected; through him, we received grace and mission for people to accept the faith}

– God [the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit] (v1, v4, v7)


– (God’s Good News) the very promises he foretold through his prophets in the sacred Scriptures (v2)

– regarding his (God’s) son, who was born in the flesh a descendant of David (v3) and has been recognized as the Son of God, endowed with Power, upon rising from the dead, through the Holy Spirit. (v4)

– Through him, Jesus Christ, our Lord, and for the sake of his name, we received grace, and mission in all the nations, for them to accept the faith. (v5)

– You are elected of Christ, you are part of them [the nations, to accept the faith] (v6, 5)

– You are beloved of God, called to be holy (v6)

– May God our Father, and the Lord Jesus Christ, give you grace and peace. (v7)


Father God, help me.

to understand who I am

to understand who You are

and to understand what I need to do.

Fill me with Your grace. In Jesus’ name. Amen.


How to Write a Book FAQs with a Book Writing Coach

Do you want to write a book but don’t know where to begin?

Maybe you are asking these same questions I asked often.

Here are some of them:

1. What did you do before becoming an author?

2. What are the struggles that you faced?

3. What is your reason for writing books?

4. What can I write about? How can I choose my topic?

5. What is the minimum/maximum number of words for a book?

6. What does it mean by traditional publishing? Self-publishing?

7. How can I write a novel?

8. How about proofreading/editing?

9. How can I look for publishers?

10. What is the common mistake that aspiring authors make?

I answered these questions in this video: https://youtu.be/MFxvpO4KM9s

Here’s the link mentioned in the video: http://bit.ly/reachmorereaderschallenge

How Can I Sell More Books?

Some years back, times were tough(er).

Projects were down and sales were low.

I still thank God because I could eat three meals a day and pay for the basics.

But my insurance premium was due and I had no extra money to pay it. I was already thinking of just letting it lapse. But that would be a problem. I said, “I’ll just think about it later.” Not a really good strategy.

One day, someone asked me to help his group. “There was a bit of misunderstanding. We need to come together again, reunite for the mission, and do the work as one. Please come and speak to the group.”

I went and delivered the best piece the best way I could based on their context and circumstance.

After my talk, the one who invited me handed me an envelope and also told me a number.

I asked, “What’s that number?””Oh, that’s the number of copies they ordered. They are buying your book!”

I was smiling outside and crying inside because I did not expect that much of a sale on that occasion for that audience. But the total sales amount was more than enough to cover my insurance premium, and I even had some extra to cover other essentials on my list.

One thing is for sure – God’s grace was at work at that moment.

The second thing is that I was doing something that give value, that also moved them to decide and say, “I want your book.”

At that moment, I was reminded of the truth that you can sell copies of your book to people who need it and want it, and you don’t have to force them to get it.

You just have to offer it, but before you offer it, make sure you deliver real value that helps solve their problems and address their concerns.

I continued to learn more about how to sell more books and help more people.

If you are an author (or an aspiring author) and you want to reach more readers, I have prepared a FREE 5-Day full-value training called Reach More Readers Challenge to help you do just that — reach more readers and impact more lives.

This will kickstart on June 14, 2021 (8pm GMT+8).

To know more about this, go to http://bit.ly/reachmorereaderschallenge.

How to Write More in Less Time – Writing Sprints

Why do writing sprints?

With writing sprints, you can:

– write more. in less time

– silence your inner editor to prevent it from derailing your writing momentum

– develop the habit of focus and removing distractions

What is a writing sprint?

A writing sprint is focused and fast writing for a few minutes block of time. Find out how in this video: https://youtu.be/7kH4bDnEcTU

I mentioned a writing sprint background music. Here’s the link to it: https://youtu.be/AdCOEY8r6zc

Enjoy your writing sprints!

10 Powerful Practices to Help You Write Your Books

My first encounter with Bo Sanchez was when I saw his books at one of the local stores in Baguio City when I was in college. Even if I had no extra money to buy his book at that time, his books got my attention. I could still remember that moment when I was holding one of his books and just feeling the texture of the cover while reading what it says about the book and about the author.

Years later, when I was working in Makati, I met him in a seminar, bought two of his books and since then, I have been following him, listening to him, and observing him. Bo Sanchez is one of my huge influencers. He impacted my life so much including the way I write and how I approach book writing.

Here are the ten powerful practices I learned from Bo Sanchez about writing a book.

1. You are not writing a book, you are building a giant factory.

2. You need these three machines: message machine, media machine, money machine.

3. Do not just share knowledge (research, 2nd hand), share wisdom (transformation, 1st hand).

4. Always write from the heart.

5. Don’t just instruct, inspire.

6. Use stories. This is the language of the heart.

7. Create content quickly.

8. Write simply.

9. Always have a clear one big message.

10. Be a voracious learner.

I explained each of these in this video: https://youtu.be/RiLZkAR4UPw

May these ten powerful practices help you write your book.

Book Writing Is Not For You IF…

A young man approached his mentor and said, “I want to write a book. What should I do?”

The wise man asked him, “Why do you want to write a book?”

He replied, “I want to make money.”

His mentor looked far away, looked at him, and said, “You can make money as an author but if money is your only motivation, maybe this is not for you.”

Our motivations should be more than just money. Tough times will come in the process and the money motivation will not get you through it.

This and other reasons must be rectified and replaced.

Let me share with you two not-so-good reasons and two bad reasons for writing a book.

Not-So-Good Reason 1. To become famous only.

Not-So-Good Reason 2. To become wealthy only.

Bad Reason 1. To spread fake news or information.

Bad Reason 2. To propagate misleading propaganda.

(I explained these reasons in this video: https://youtu.be/elst1CupB2c)

If you try to mislead people to a dark pit, you are the first one who would fall into it. Well, in fact, you mislead people because you have fallen into it already.

So stay on guard. Be alert.

The enemy is lurking looking for ways to lure you.

You have to look away. Away from the wrong reasons.

And start focusing on the good and right reasons. With the right reasons, you will flourish. It may take time, but it will happen.

And the beautiful thing is this: If you go for the right reasons, oftentimes, it comes with side results: money and fame. But wealth and fame will not eat or poison you because your heart is in the right place. You will even use the money and the multitude to further your good cause for the greater good.

Let’s talk about the good and right reasons on the next video.

What You Should Know About Writing

When I was five years young, I met my first love…

Listen to the full story in this video as I talk about the four truths about writing: https://youtu.be/GfSZ_nVlqR0

I learned a lot, grew so much, and realized truths about life and about writing. Even before I became an author later in life, I understood that writing is a gift, a skill, a privilege, and a responsibility.

1. Writing is a gift. People say that I was given a talent, that I should use it, that I should share it. I did what I could. And I continue to share this gift of writing that was gifted to me.

2. Writing is a skill. While it could be a form of a natural talent, it is still largely a skill. You must develop it. You must learn the rules of writing and employ them as you write. That’s why a not-so-good writer like me could grow and become better in this craft. I have a lot of improving to do in this field.

3. Writing is a privilege. Not everyone is given the opportunity to write. Not everyone is given the platform to share a message. Not everyone is given the privilege of writing. Hence, if we are given this chance to write, we must treasure it. A platform has been served us, that’s why we need to serve in response. This brings us to the fourth truth.

4. Writing is a responsibility. Even before the rise of fake news and misleading propaganda, it was instilled in me that writing is a responsibility. Therefore, it has to be truthful. It is a big challenge but it’s the price that we pay if we are to write.

Remember all these as you go on and write.

And if you will observe a balance in these four truths about writing, you will better appreciate it, enjoy the process, and grow so much as you do it.

>> Full story here: https://youtu.be/GfSZ_nVlqR0 <<

How to Rise Above Your Circumstances w/ Pharisia Gail

In this video, I interviewed Ms. Pharisia Gail, author of the book Choose to Rise. We talked about the writing journey, the inspiration behind the book, and how to rise above your circumstances.

PHARISIA GAIL is also the author of Daily Dose of Sunshine: Notes to Help You Live Through Life’s Complexities. She founded SILEW which stands for Spreading Illumination and Love to Empower the World, a suicide prevention awareness group for the Cordilleras.

Watch the conversation here: https://youtu.be/8yCiMjgqFyk

How a Single Parent Bounced Back & Flourished in Her Career

In this fourth episode of Growth Conversations, I interviewed Jamie Yaneza, a professional teacher, sought-after events host and planner, and a proud mom.

Join the conversation as we speak about How a Single Parent Bounced Back and Flourished in Her Career.

I asked her these questions:

  • You are a teacher, events hosts, events planner, entrepreneur, Toastmaster, and a mom. You are a super woman! How do you make all these possible?
  • What’s the typical week of Jamie Yaneza – before this pandemic and during this pandemic?

Our topic is How a Single-Parent Beautifully Bounced Back and Flourished in Her Career.

  • What is one of the toughest mistakes you made in your personal life? What happened and how did you bounce back?
  • Any words of encouragement to those who may have committed a similar mistake?
  • How about in your career – what’s one of your biggest mistakes? What happened and how did you recover?
  • You are also an entrepreneur. Any bad move you did and how did you address it?
  • If you were to go back in time, is there something you would have done differently?
  • In all these downs and ups in your life, what top three life lessons would you want to share our viewers?
  • You own a café. How can they experience what you offer? How can they reach you if they need a host or planner? How about your Toastmasters Club?
  • With all that’s going on in the world these days, what keeps you inspired?

(You may watch the interview below or on youtube here: https://youtu.be/NICuzphdMoU)

To access the Growth Summit 2020 OnDemandEdition, go to http://bit.ly/growthondemand

How You Can Overcome Quarter-Life Crisis

In this third episode of Growth Conversations, Chris Dao-anis interviews Jaizy Tanawe, author of 4 books including 9 Powerful Hacks for a Quarter-Life Breakthrough.

She said that she found her passion before college graduation and went out to conquer the world with her big, audacious dreams in life. Only to find out years down the road that passion alone can’t take you to where you want to go.

I asked her:


  • What keeps you busy these days?
  • Who is Jaizy Tanawe before she became an author?
  • You mentioned that you found your passion before college graduation but later found out that passion alone can’t take you to where you want to go. Please tell us what you mean by passion.
  • What was the passion you found out?
  • What did you do when you thought you found that passion?
  • Why did you say that passion alone can’t take you to where you want to go?
  • You wrote a book about quarter-life breakthrough. What is quarter-life and what is quarter-life crisis?
  • What are your tips to overcome quarter-life crisis?
  • How can they reach you? How can they buy your books?
  • We got to know each other because you attended the Growth Summit 2018. Can you tell us about your experience there?
  • Closing Words

Join the conversation.

To access the Growth Summit 2020 OnDemandEdition, go to http://bit.ly/growthondemand