3 Simple Ways to Address Your Financial Worries

  How have you been addressing your financial worries in the past years? What is your strategy for this year? How are you going to worry less and focus on what you should do more? We know, see and feel the impact of unmanaged finances. We worry. We get stressed. We get disturbed. Our workContinue reading “3 Simple Ways to Address Your Financial Worries”

SINGLES: While Waiting, Worship

Singles: This is the best time to go all out! As Christmas comes and singles tend to get dramatically emotional (of being alone), we continue with our special series speaking about the season of being single. Two Sundays ago, we talked about ‘Being Single is Not Equal to Being Sad.’ Last Sunday, we said thatContinue reading “SINGLES: While Waiting, Worship”

Single Season Can Be Your Peak Season

Singles: Be happy! Quit feeling low. You may be ‘alone’ but you don’t have to be ‘lonely.’ Your being ‘solo’ doesn’t have to be ‘so low.’ Especially this Christmas season. Last week, we talked about ‘Being Single is Not Equal to Being Sad.’ We will continue to speak about this topic because it is inContinue reading “Single Season Can Be Your Peak Season”

Being Single is Not Equal to Being Sad

‘Pasko na naman ngunit wala ka pa. Hanggang kalian kaya ako maghihintay sa iyo?’ (It’s Christmastime once again but you are not yet here. Until when will I be waiting for you?) That song becomes the theme song of singles this season. There should be no harm. But the problem comes when they feel sad.Continue reading “Being Single is Not Equal to Being Sad”