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You and I need to become better public speakers and leaders regardless of our profession and position. Public speaking is not only limited to pastors, priests, preachers, professors and politicians. Leadership is not only those of top ranks or high positions.

All of us – at certain points in our lives – have spoken and lead, and will speak and lead in various occasions for various reasons.

Let us journey together. Let us build a better community with better speakers and leaders at a time.

Let us continue to Speak a Message, Spark Inspiration, and Spur Action!

First, speak. We need to speak a message. In whatever we do and speak about, our message should be very clear. It is important that we stand our ground and give that message. Speak up as necessary. Do not silence yourself. There is a time to shut up but there is also a time to speak up. Let us learn to speak a message.

Second, spark. We need to spark inspiration. Speaking your message comes with the responsibility to lift people up. There are already tons of problems in this world. There are already countless bad news. While we do not deny or cover those up, it is essential that we speak a message of hope, of inspiration to our audiences and to the people around us. Let us learn to spark inspiration.

Third, spur. We need to spur action. Our message that comes with the message of hope should lead us to move people to action, an action that is based on sound decision for the betterment of life and of the community. The message and inspiration shall be made full with the action that is spurred because of what we are able to speak and spark. Let us learn to spur action.

“My friend, join me! Let us journey together for something better and deeper. Let us journey together to speak a message, spark inspiration, and spur action. Let us journey together and build a better community one better public speaker and leader at a time.”



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This book aims to help you gain the knowledge and skills, the competence and confidence to craft and deliver speeches and presentations.


“Want to be a Speaker? You must read this book.”

– Bo Sanchez, Bestselling Author



Bring these learning sessions to your companies

  • Preparing & Delivering Speeches and Presentations
  • Unleashing Your Inner Confidence
  • Technical & Management Reporting
  • Giving Effective Performance Evaluations
  • Survival Kit for Your Supervisors
  • Transitioning from a Solo Contributor to Team Leader
  • Your Boss is Your Partner: Learning to Lead Upwards
  • Developing Team members & Managing Team Performance
  • Managing Conflicts and Dealing with Difficult Interactions
  • Understanding & Adjusting Your Leadership Styles
  • Holding Productive Meetings
  • Various Basic & Advanced Communication and Leadership Courses


Books Authored

  • SPEAK: How to Craft and Deliver a Speech or Presentation w/ competence and confidence
  • The Gift of the Ordinary (2013)
  • 7 Keys to Achieve Your Aspirations (2014)
  • Living Large in the Little Things (2016





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Testimonials (for his books, seminars and workshops)

“I enjoyed reading Chris’ book. I know it will help many, many people.”

Bo Sanchez, bestselling author

“Chris is a great example of someone who has been faithful with what God has brought his way. From humble beginnings, he did not let those circumstances define him, and cause him to grumble. Instead, he pursued excellence, rose above the circumstances, and is now an author, an author of his second book!”

Edric Mendoza, Former Lead Anchor on ANC (On the Money)

“In this book, Chris shares simple yet powerful principles that will help us achieve our big dreams and aspirations in life. It is packed with humour and stories which makes it both a fun and an inspirational read.”

Sha Nacino, Author and Speaker

“A book that comes from the heart of a very inspiring and highly motivated young man. His words are straight forward yet wise, profound, and encouraging.

Maria Agnes Garcia, Educator

“Join this sensitive and motivated young man in his adventure to achieve his aspirations in life. In the process, you are bound to likewise fulfill your own dreams as you apply the simple yet powerful insights you will derive from the book.”

Rose Fres Fausto, FQ Mom, Author, Parenting and Financial Literary Advocate

“From his first book to this book, Chris has continuously sharpened his communication skills. More importantly, he has shown me that a young mind like his can communicate truly amazing, remarkable ideas that last a lifetime.”

Elizabeth Segura-Krueger, Communications Professor

“Chris makes us realize that it’s not what you have or what you don’t have. It’s what you do with your blessings.”

Trixie Esguerra, Vision Board Coach

“I’ve read Chris’ three books in sequence and I can say he is growing in wisdom down the years. Living Large in the Little Things is more than a smattering of nice ideas and fluffy sentiments. It gives practical steps for attaining your dreams… and who doesn’t have dreams? Hang on to this book, it will become a classic ‘early work’ by a man who will one day write even more world-changing books.”

– Nelson Dy, Author (Gintong Aklat Awardee)

“I love asking Chris to talk to our young audience because of his unique ability to make a connection. He makes complex concepts into bite-sized ideas and gives the audience simple tasks for them to take action. It’s a pleasure to be working with one of the country’s rising motivational speakers!”

– Kevin Philip Gayao, Entrepreneur

“Public speaking has always been one of my fears. Though I read a lot, I really struggle in expressing myself to a crowd. This workshop helped me realize that I can also be a speaker to inspire people who are also like me who has a hard time in expressing herself.”

– Kreece Valeria Callos, Seminar-Workshop Participant 

“He might not be the best speaker in the world but I do believe he can be 🙂 You can talk to everyone but this person can talk to you with heart. Such a humble person.”

Jelenista Lipago, Seminar-Workshop Participant

“To our mentor, Sir Chris, it was great having you! For the short time we’ve spent, we were able to learn a lot. I really mean a lot. It was not only about that of speaking up but also of dealing about things in the real world, that of what really matters most.”

Rhyz Frances Oplay, Seminar-Workshop Participant

“I liked how the workshop has been handled. It was both fun and enlightening. It also helped me build my confidence and self-awareness.”

“What I like the best is that the speaker is full of energy. I learned a lot, and hopefully I can apply them outside the school.”

“Very motivating and inspiring speaker. I really like the way he handled the workshop. It enticed everyone to listen and participate. What I like most are the inspiring lessons after each activity, a lesson that is worth remembering. Thank you so much and more power.”

Cristin Mangosan, Seminar-Workshop Participant





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