Do You Want to Write a Book?

Do you want to write a book?

Here are three ingredients that you need:

Chris Dao-anis signing copies of the book ‘Living Large in the Little Things’ in 2016.

1. Perspective

When I say perspective, I’m pertaining to your mindset and understanding that:

– You don’t need to be of old age to write a book.

– You don’t need a degree in writing to write a book.

– You don’t need to perfect grammar or become a grammar master to write a book.

You become an author because:

– You want to serve your readers.

– You want to contribute to the community.

– You have a message and you care about how that message will help your audience.

2. Piece

When I say piece, I’m talking about something from your experience and expertise that you ought to share.

Here are questions that can help you identify the piece that you can write about:

– What struggles have you overcome?

– What journey have you gone through that can be relevant to others?

– What body of knowledge have you mastered?

– What skillset have you gained expertise in?

– What area have you studied or done extensive research in?

– What framework have you developed as a result of your learning and experience?

– What strategies or steps have helped you and other people produce results?

– What books do you usually read?

– What are those that inspire you the most?

– What are those that attract you?

3. Process

You need a way to do it, something that is workable.

All these things, plus more are what you can learn at the Aspiring Authors Webinar.

If you want to write a book, join us on February 4, 7-9 pm.

Just go to to know more.

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I help Filipino coaches, trainers & speakers deliver impactful presentations and write books to further reach and credibility.

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