From Shy to Shine, From the Province to Public Stages

My classmates and childhood friends could attest to how shy, silent, and reserved I was.

Who would have thought that this little kid from the little town of Kibungan would become a speaker and trainer?

Transformation is possible indeed!

Oh yes, it’s grace. Plus a combination of actions to cooperate with that grace.

Reading books.
Participating in learning events.
Getting mentors and coaches.
Doing it!

In my book SPEAK: How to Craft and Deliver a Speech or Presentation with Competence and Confidence, I shared:
– why do you need to develop your speaking skills
– how I transformed from shy to shine
– a simple framework you can use to enhance your skills
– how to craft a solid speech content
– how to effectively structure your presentation
– how to deliver your speech with power
– how to connect with your audience
– how to continue honing your speaking competence
– how to develop your confidence in speaking
– and the calling of speakers

It is a gift I am offering to my audience. That includes YOU!

This 2022, allow this book to guide you as you navigate the rough waters of public speaking.

I am honored to receive messages from people who have been helped by this book. They say it’s practical, it’s simple, and the framework works!

My mentor, Bo Sanchez, a top-notch public speaker and author said that if you want to be a speaker, you must read this book.
AVP Nelson Dy, awarded author, speaker and trainer said this, “SPEAK will serve you well as a slim, practical, and helpful ‘field manual’ for public speaking.”

You can get this book for 300 in the bookstores.

But on Shopee, during the remaining days of January, it’s 41% OFF. Instead of 300, you can get it at 175 only. Until January 31.

Get a copy for yourself and your friend.

Don’t let this slip away.
Go to

Published by Chris Dao-anis

I help Filipino coaches, trainers & speakers deliver impactful presentations and write books to further reach and credibility.

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