7 Mistakes I Made in My Book SPEAK

While people say that they’ve been helped by the book, I have to admit that I made some mistakes in it.

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Here are seven of them:

First, the book size.

I know, it sounds shallow but the overall look and feel matters.

It’s a thin book. With 20,241 words, it would have been better to package it at 5″x7″ page size (to make it around 154 pages) instead of 5.5″x8.5″ (at 112 pages).

While some may like its slim feature, it is better if it were a bit thicker.

Second, the back cover.

I cringe when I read it today. The back cover should help sell the book and tell the reader what is in the book in a pithy way.

Other than the well-written testimonial from Bo Sanchez, the rest of the back cover was sloppy. It is composed of four sentences. I’d retain the first one but would definitely replace the other three. I don’t even want to write those three sentences here, especially the last two. They are like clanging cymbals that don’t add value to the back cover.

I’m still thankful though that my hero, Bo Sanchez, gave an endorsement for the book!

Third, the font style.

I was the one who chose it and I used Abadi (a sans serif font). I should have used the same font as the one I used in my third book, Garamond (a serif font).

Fourth, the design of the framework.

In the book, I shared the Public Speaking Skills Development Framework which is the foundation of the entire book. The illustration is on Page 26. While it is not that bad, it is also not that good.

I should have asked a professional to design it. Oh well, I did but it was after the book was printed. It was when I started doing public speaking workshops based on the book that I paid for a designer to create one. Even if it was still my design concept that was followed, his rendition is much better than the first version I made that was used in the book.

Yes, designs matter.

Fifth, no story in Chapter 10.

It was so short.

The book is filled with stories, but not in the last chapter.

Chapter 10 could have featured a story that would close the entire book. Something that would illustrate how a person like me has benefitted from applying the contents of the book. That story could also serve as an inspirational piece so that readers will get excited about implementing their learnings from the book.

Use stories. They work magic!

Sixth, the number of blurbs or testimonials.

I only had one.

The deadline for the printing was tight. The reason was that I announced the book launch even before I finished writing the book. While setting the date helped me complete the book, I failed to add some extra days to request more testimonials. At least three to five testimonials would have been better.

I’m still thankful that Bo Sanchez wrote one for the book, “Want to be a Speaker? You must read this book.”

And on June 25, 2021, Nelson T. Dy, a Gintong Aklat Awardee and one of the Top 100 Filipinos on LinkedIn in 2021, published his review. He said, “SPEAK will serve you well as a slim, practical, and helpful “field manual” for public speaking. It is the next best thing to having a Distinguished Toastmaster by your side, cheering you on and celebrating success with you.”

I will definitely include that in the reprint.

Seventh, I missed elaborating on the statement, “Public speaking is not public reading.

I warned the reader to avoid reading. On Page 65, it says, “Avoid reading your slides. let me repeat that. Avoid reading your slides. Remember, this is public speaking not public reading.”

But maybe, there are exemptions. I could have given one or two instances when reading is totally acceptable.

Also, it would have been better if I explained the statement, “Public speaking is not public reading.” on a wider perspective not just in the context of slides. This might be misinterpreted as well.

The problem actually is not on the reading but on the overall delivery of the piece. How you deliver should make the message come alive whether that involves reading or not.

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Chris Dao-anis signing his books after delivering a keynote talk during the opening ceremonies of the PHALGA Convention in 2019.

Those are the seven mistakes that I made in the book SPEAK: How to Craft and Deliver a Speech or Presentation with Competence and Confidence. (Maybe, I should also rethink the title.)

But amidst all these, I am still proud of what I’ve written in the book.

It has helped a lot and I feel grateful that I have this medium to be of service to people who want to become competent and confident presenters or public speakers.

PS. The book is available on Amazon and Shopee. Or you may order your copy at messengerofhopebooks.com/speak.

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I help Filipino coaches, trainers & speakers deliver impactful presentations and write books to further reach and credibility.

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