Wondering What to Do with Your Christmas Bonus?

You could hear it playing from a distance, “Kaya’t ibigay mo na ang aming Christmas bonus… pati na ang 13th-month pay para okay na okay! (So give us our Christmas bonus… and also the 13th-month pay so it’s going to be okay!)”

But receiving additional income may not mean “okay na okay” if not managed well.

I suggest you look at the example of Jack…

Jack is a young professional, single, and is receiving P9,000 every payday. He is frugal and knows how to save so he is able to accumulate P20,000 in his savings account. He calls it his emergency fund. But he aims to make it higher because his monthly expenses amount to P15,000 and experts say that you need to have at least 3-6 months’ worth of your monthly expenses as your emergency fund. Hence, he needs to have P45,000-P90,000 for this purpose.

“I still have a long way to go,” he said to himself.

In terms of managing his finances, he is much better than his colleagues. He is consistent with his practice of setting aside an amount immediately upon receiving his income.

Every time he receives a notice from the HR department that his salary has been transferred to his account, he immediately opens his account online, transfers 20% of which to another account that he opened for the purpose of saving up an emergency fund.

But he is concerned because, despite his habit of saving up, his emergency fund only stays up to P20,000. He noticed that every time his account reaches the said amount, he would unconsciously look for an item to buy or spend on. He would either buy a new pair of shoes or book a plane ticket somewhere.

One afternoon, in one of his visits to the bookstore, he came across a financial book by Bo Sanchez that mentioned ‘psychological wallet’. As he read it, he realized that he had a relatively small psychological wallet. It is only of the size of P20,000 that is why he unconsciously tells himself that the P20,000 is enough even if he needed and was targeting a higher amount.

He had to increase the size of his psychological wallet to match his needs. He learned that in this world, we don’t receive what we deserve but we receive what we think we deserve. That kind of restates the concept of psychological wallet. It made so much sense to him. He continues to take action to increase his psychological waller through his learnings from Bo’s Truly Rich Club.

One day, he saw a poster of the seminar “How to Make Millions in the Stock Market by Bo Sanchez.” Because of the impact he had from the same great man, he signed up for it and attended.

At that event, he learned so much and his eyes were opened to the world of investing in the stock market. He realized that, since he is employed as an accountant, he doesn’t have time to monitor the market and do quick trades. What he could do is to be a long-term investor with a bit of being active, that is, buying great companies following the cost-averaging method, but also switching some companies when certain stocks hit their target prices and being mindful of their buy-below prices. He learned all these in that seminar. If you would ask him to explain it to you, he would explain it well even to a high school student.

He started investing. He continued saving up.

Today, he has grown his emergency fund and his investments in the stock market. Not only that, he has learned more about personal finance including having the right protection or insurance.

This year, as he receives his 13th-month pay, the allocation is already set to be as follows:

  • 10% for his donation to his church (buti pa sya, he embraced tithing)
  • 30% to be added to his stock market investment
  • 20% will be added for his learning fund
  • 40% will be allotted for the additional expenses he expects for the Christmas holidays (family get-togethers and gifts)

When Jack told me his story years ago, I was inspired.

That moved me to also learn more, grow more, and invest more.

I also met Bo Sanchez in the process and have received so much wisdom, guidance, and practical advice. I still have a long way to go. But I’m thankful that I’ve grown so much compared to my younger self.

I invite you to follow the example of Jack.

Bo Sanchez is inviting you to an immersive experience with him so you can grow more in your financial life while receiving spiritual abundance at the same time.

Know more about this by clicking the link below.

Published by Chris Dao-anis

I help Filipino coaches, trainers & speakers deliver impactful presentations and write books to further reach and credibility.

2 thoughts on “Wondering What to Do with Your Christmas Bonus?

  1. Hello Sir I am interested po sa offer niyo. I just want to ask if the payment po ba na worth 1k plus is just a registration for the seminar or yun na yung registration fee to open an acct. for that investment (stock market) po. Thank you , Sir. Respectfully yours, Olivia M. Fonite

    1. Hi, Olivia! That’s great po. Yung 1k+ po ay registration for the seminar. Iba po yung opening ng account for the investment, bale sa stock broker pa po yun. Hope you can join po. Don’t forget to apply the 10% discount code po.

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