FACING THE TURBULENCE – Interview with PHILIPP INNO, Finalist of The Final Pitch on CCN Philippines

“Get tired of just being inspired, be the inspiration.” – PHILIPP INNO

Last Tuesday, we launched the Growth Conversations interview series. In this first episode, we sat down with PHILIPP INNO, the T-HOUSE Founder, a Filipino Innovator-Entrepreneur, and one of the Finalists of the reality TV Show The Final Pitch on CNN Philippines.

Our topic centered on FACING THE TURBULENCE with the Power of Concepts, Community and Coachability.

I asked him these questions:

  1. You just won a 3M deal with Investor-Judge Victor Consunji in The Final Pitch on CNN Philippines, how does it feel?
  2. When you have your initial pitch, did you think you could reach this far?
  3. Before we talk about the concept, how important is a concept to entrepreneurs? How important is this to the show/competition (The Final Pitch)? How important is having a concept or a vision to individuals listening to us right now?
  4. So, what is this concept that you have? What’s your vision of the T-HOUSE Movement?
  5. Every time you speak on the show, I seem to notice a recurring pattern – movement, community. What’s the community you are building? Why is this important? To individuals listening to us right now, how does this apply to them?
  6. I noticed a huge improvement in your final pitch compared to the initial pitch, how did this happen? Who coached you? Who mentored you? What are your key learnings from them – in entrepreneurship/business, in pitching/presentation, in life in general?
  7. Were you always coachable? Why do you think? If not, what made the change?
  8. Who are the people who influenced you the most? What’s their greatest influence on you?
  9. How important is coachability?
  10. As people face this crisis, what message would you like to share with the community? To entrepreneurs facing turbulence now, what will you tell them?
  11. What do you consider is your greatest accomplishment so far? What do we expect from PHILIPP INNO in the next five to ten years?
  12. Closing Words

Join us in this conversation!

“Get tired tired just being inspired, be the inspiration.”


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