Do You Want to Write a Book?

How many times have you said, “I will write a book?”

You have a message that you want to share with the world. You have a story that can inspire people. You have ideas, experiences, and life lessons that help empower members of your company, organizations, and community.

You have a book in you. Only, it wasn’t written yet!

I’m here to help you make that book come alive. Who am I?

My name is Chris Dao-anis, an inspirational speaker, leadership trainer, speech coach, and a book coach. With your permission, I can help you turn your book into a reality so you can become the author that you want to be. This year, you have the potential to go from pondering to published.

And why should you write a book?

This book could help promote your business, build your credibility in your profession, bring in new clients, and be of contribution to the community. You want to deliver value to the people you serve.

You can also earn additional income from book sales. You can even turn your book into a digital product like an ebook and audio book. In times of home quarantine like where we are now, we need to look at other possibilities online and this is one of these.

If you are a speaker, trainer, freelancer, or entrepreneur, your book can help establish your credibility in your field.

If you are a teacher or a professional who needs to earn CPD units, your book can earn you some credits.

In short, your book can help you and can help other people.

So why haven’t you written your book yet?

Maybe you’re waiting for the right time. When will that come?

Maybe you don’t think you have what it takes. Who can give you permission?

Maybe you don’t know how to begin. Or maybe you have started something but got stuck somewhere. Who am I to write anyway?

Maybe you are thinking, “What if I write this book but no one will read it?”

But despite all these questions, your heart is telling you, “You must write a book.”

And why should you? It is because…

If you will not write that book right now, then when will you?

If you will not write that book right now, how many people will continue to be deprived of your message?

If you will not write that book right now, will you just look back one day when you’re old and regret not writing your book?

Don’t let that happen to you. Stop your what-if’s and start acting.

Let me share with you how I went from pondering to published.

I’ve always wanted to write a book. As a young boy, I dreamt of becoming an author. I thought I needed to grow so wise and old until I get to become a published author. I didn’t know when it will happen.

Util one day, I learned about the truths about book writing and publishing, and came across a process to help me do so, my dream of becoming an author turned into a reality.

I became an author at the age of 25. Now, I’m 32 with five (5) books under my name.

It took me three years to write my first book, three weeks to write my second book, one year to write my third book, four weeks to write my fourth book, and one week to write my fifth book.

These books have helped me achieve my desire to be of contribution to my clients and to the community. It helped me influence my readers to become better individuals – sharing how they can grow in their career, in their competence and confidence, in their communication and leadership skills, in their life as a whole.

Incidentally, this also helped me establish more credibility as a speaker and trainer, leading me to serve more clients, and earn more income. But more so, it is being able to live your mission and helping other people live better lives.

A Proven Process Will Help You Become an Author This Year

Once you understand the industry and put a proven process to work, your dream of writing and publishing a book will come true. And you can decide when to launch your next book!

Do you want to become an author this year? It is possible.

But the question is, “Will you take action?”

Let me share with you three important ingredients to turn your book into a reality:

1. Perspective

You need to have the right mindset and understanding.

Mindset 1. You become an author because you want to serve your readers.

Mindset 2. You become an author because you want to contribute to the community.

Mindset 3. You become an author because you have a message, and you care about how that message will help your audience.

Understanding 1. You don’t need to be of old age to write a book.

Understanding 2. You don’t need a degree in writing to write a book. (A degree can surely help. Degree holders in creative writing has that as their advantage but it is not a requirement. In fact, many author I know don’t have a degree in writing.)

Understanding 3. You don’t need to perfect grammar or become a grammar master to write a book. (Of course, less mistakes in grammar would be better for you and your editor and proofreader.)

2. Piece

This is your material, the content of your book.

Your piece comes from experience and expertise. So if you want to write a book but don’t know which topic, you can start from here:


  • what struggles have you overcome
  • what journey have you gone through that can be relevant to others


  • what body of knowledge have you mastered
  • what skillset have you gained expertise in
  • what area have you studied and did extensive research in
  • what framework have you developed as a result of your learning and experience
  • what strategies or steps have helped you and other people gain results

Tip: What books do you usually read? What are those that inspires you the most? What are those that attract you?

Those could speak something about your piece, your material, your content.

3. Process

You need a system and a writing program to help you to make it easier.

Process makes work easier, the same is true with your writing.

In my previous work, I was assigned in Process Improvement. I understand the importance of knowing how things will flow – you will be able to remove unnecessary tasks and focus on the tasks that give value, that give results. It will also help you make you finish your job faster.

In my journey of writing five books so far, and now working on my sixth, I was able to develop a process and a writing program that you can also use to make it easier.

A book coach can help you understand this system and implement it so you can turn your ideas into a book.

You will also be helped in developing a writing program that will suit your schedule and personality so that in time, you can become the author that you want to be this year.

If you want to be coached in writing and publishing your book, email me at

Published by Chris Dao-anis

I help Filipino coaches, trainers & speakers deliver impactful presentations and write books to further reach and credibility.

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