Why You Should Suspend Judgment

You could see people walking around pushing their carts. (Luzon was put on Enhanced Community Quarantine just the night before.) There I was heading to the cashier to pay for the groceries I got. There were four lines, the shortest one was on the right. With excitement, I dashed towards it. The sign read, “Lane for senior citizens, PWDs, and privilege cardholders only.” I sighed. I found the tail of the other line at the corner of the supermarket.

I lined up and patiently waited. Thirty minutes. One hour. Two hours. I counted those before me, I was the 20th customer in line. “Almost there!” I said to myself.

While we were moving forward, I noticed something strange. “How did that happen? Two hours ago, I lined up at the end of the regular lane. Why am I here in the senior citizen lane?” The other customers seem to be asking the same thing. But having waited for more than two hours, we might have a similar thought, “Is it proper that they move us to the other lane?”

Some of the guards and staff learned about the mix-up. They seem to understand so they did not bother asking us to transfer.

Then a woman of senior age walked in, approached the guard and began complaining, “Why are these people in ‘our’ lane?” The guard explained, “We can give you a spot here but please understand that these people have been here the entire morning.” Still, she insisted and continued to complain.

In the quietness of my mind, a whisper came, “But they shouldn’t be here either. Senior citizens and pregnant women should be staying at home at this time.” I was ready to verbalize my argument. Thankfully, my face mask prevented me. I paused. I kept silent. I looked around. There were other senior citizens. There were many customers – young and old.

And a voice within said, “What if they were the only ones in their household? What if nobody is with them that they themselves have to go out? What if nobody else will do it for them?” The truth is – I didn’t know their situation.

My friend, do you tend to judge quickly? Have you done something foolish because of this?

That day I was reminded to suspend judgment. When we suspend judgment, we give ourselves the opportunity to think better and respond appropriately.

When we suspend judgment, we give ourselves the opportunity to think better and respond appropriately.

Published by Chris Dao-anis

I help Filipino coaches, trainers & speakers deliver impactful presentations and write books to further reach and credibility.

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