What to do when you are stuck in preparing a speech or presentation

If you are stuck, you need to go out!

Last Thursday, I was having a hard time. There was an internal struggle. Something was holding me back. But I knew I had to deliver. Still, I could not proceed. To some writers, they call it “writer’s block.” Maybe, you experienced this too — when you are preparing a speech or presentation but you cannot proceed. Just like that, I was stuck!

I was thankful that there was an event in the nearby parish – the ordination of the newest priest in the Diocese of Baguio. It pulled me out from my desk, from my laptop. I went out, attended the celebration and something beautiful happened.

While I was participating in the celebration, I refreshed. I regained perspective. And my spirit was rejuvenated. It also gave me a clearer direction on how I should approach the situation I was in. The magic happened as I went out.

And that’s my simple tip for you today. Go out!

When you are having a hard time or difficulty in preparing your speech or presentation, go out! When you do not have that idea or you cannot put together the data or information that is in front of you, go out!  

Go out and move away from your desk, from your laptop, from your paper. Pull out from the data that you are so close to. When you take a step back and reflect, you will regain perspective. As you look around and see what’s going on around, you will be able to reset. Because sometimes, what’s hindering you is that you are so close and too engrossed with that data, problem, or challenge you are facing.

It is during those moments when you need to be even more intentional in going out. Walk around. Meet people. Engage with your assistant, secretary, or team members. Converse with the ate in the carinderia across the street. Greet the janitor. Speak to the security guard.

Or do what I did that Thursday morning. Attend an event. Celebrate with the community. Commune with the community. Be part of a celebration. Enjoy the time with people!

As you see the people around, you will be reminded of the people who depend on you, who look up to you, who are inspiring you. You will be reminded that you need to show up and do what you need to do. You will have a refreshed mindset and rejuvenated spirit. You will have a clearer path to take and the right course of action.

As you go out and pull out from your desk or laptop, you will be able to connect to the greater scheme of things. As you disconnect, you will be able to reconnect. This will give you that much needed inspiration, wisdom, and flow.

So that when you go back, you will put together what you need to put to together. You will be able to prepare well for that speech or presentation you will be giving.

Just like what you needed.

(Chris Dao-anis, CPA, DTM helps technical professionals become better presenters and leaders. He is an author of 4 books, including SPEAK: How to Craft and Deliver a Speech or Presentation.

To order the book ‘SPEAK’, go to http://bit.ly/getspeak.

To get the book for free, join the SPEAK 2.0 Public Speaking Workshop – sign up now at http://bit.ly/SpeakBaguio.

For speaking invitations, you may email him at info@chrisdaoanis.com or text 0945-761-6577.)

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I help Filipino coaches, trainers & speakers deliver impactful presentations and write books to further reach and credibility.

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