What Leaders Really Do

John Maxwell said, “Leadership is not a position. It is influence.” So regardless of your position, you are a leader. And this is for you!

In today’s article, let me share with you seven things that leaders do.

One, leaders aspire for something greater. They do not just manage what is available in the present, they desire for something better. They long for something more – more that is good. They cast a vision, a dream that one day shall come to pass. As they do, they share this vision to the people around them. This brings us to the next thing they must do.

Two, leaders build trust and teams. If people follow a leader simply because of his position, it won’t last and it will be intensely difficult. The leader must be able to build a relationship with his followers. He must be able to communicate the goodness of his vision. He must be able to enlist the team to his dream. He must be able to build that much needed trust through his words, actions, and the way he live his life.

Three, leaders create a culture of collaboration. While collaboration has been a buzz word for quite some time, competition is still ingrained in our culture. It is still very evident in our way of life. We have been told the fallacy that somebody has to lose for someone else to win. The truth is we can all win. Everybody in the team can win together. Thus, leaders must be able to create such new culture of collaboration.

Four, leaders deliver rightful results. Leaders are chosen, appointed or elected because something has to be done. A team or a group of people is being lead for a purpose. There is an expectation of results. And leaders bear that burden to bring the results. With this is the expectation of many challenges that shall come. Times will get tough. The going gets difficult. But the leader shall take the lead to deliver rightful results with his capacity and character.

Five, leaders exemplify goodness and greatness. Part of aspiring for something greater and building the trust is living as an example. The leader has to be the embodiment of goodness and greatness. The leader has to be the role model. The leader has to be a living example. I don’t mean he has to be perfect, otherwise, nobody will lead. It is in his constant effort and dedication to live up to the ideals of the vision, of that something good and great that the team now aspires for.

Six, leaders are faithful to the source of leadership. A leader loses the sense of his leadership once he forgets the source of leadership. Regardless of field, a leader gets his leadership from the people (the team, clients/customers, the people around him). He also gets his leadership from nature, from the environment, from Mother Earth (it is nature that demanded for leadership or else there will be chaos in this world). Ultimately, a leader is only an extension of God’s leadership. It is just right and a must that the leader stays faithful to God. And even if he makes mistakes, he must always come back to God. By himself, he won’t be able to do it; but with God’s grace, he will.

Seven, leaders grow everyday in all areas. If a leader has to do all these things, he must continue to grow in all areas of life every single day. As a human being, he won’t be able to do all these things perfectly. But if he strives to grow in these areas everyday, it is as if he is also doing it well. And keeps on improving everyday.

After all, that is what you and I can do and must do. To grow. To live. To lead. The best way we can.


Speak a message, spark inspiration, spur action!

Chris Dao-anis


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(Chris Dao-anis, CPA, DTM is a communication & leadership trainer, inspirational speaker, and author. SPEAK: How to Craft and Deliver a Speech or Presentation is his fourth book.)



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