What Does ‘Behave’ Really Mean

Once upon a time, my mother enrolled me in a barangay day care center in our town in Kibungan. I was five years young then. After ten months, they say we were graduating. I really didn’t  know what I have been doing during those months but on the day of our recognition rites, I was surprised because I was awarded ‘Most Behave.’

But maybe, it is no surprise at all. Why? Because I have been ‘behaving’ all those months. And when we say ‘behave’ we usually think of a person who sits still and stay silent. Not making noise when the teacher is talking and not moving from one seat to another. Someone who does not bully anyone and someone who knows how to follow instructions. I was that kind of boy who ‘behaves.’ And that was good. But in hindsight, I realized that something was missing. I missed the other side of behaving in an active way.

In my thirty years of living, I learned what ‘behaving’ really means. Behaving does not only mean sitting still and staying silent; behaving also means standing up and speaking your mind. Behaving does not only mean staying to your prescribed position; behaving also means asserting your right when you are being mistreated and aspiring for a higher cause. Behaving does not only mean not bullying; behaving also means empowering others, equipping them and inspiring them.  Behaving does not only mean knowing how to follow instructions; behaving also means stepping up to lead when a group needs direction, guidance, coaching or a simple cheer. Behaving is growing.

You and I are being called to behave. You and I are like that boy who was awarded ‘Most Behave’ because of the good things we have done and what we have accomplished so far. But our journey of growth has not ended and we shall think and act in a way that one day, we will again receive that award ‘Most Behave’ because the seeds of action that we are sowing right now, being nourished and nurtured by the positive attitude and growth mindset that we have, those seeds shall sprout, grow up, and bear fruits.

That is our message today. That is how we should be behave. To grow in our behavior – so we can take command of our career with confidence, so that we can communicate with competence, and so that we can lead with character. You and I shall grow!

After all, growth is part of our nature. It is part of living. It is the root and the fruit of our behavior, of our actions, of our mindset, of our heartset.

Today, let me remind you of your nature – you are meant to grow. So reconnect to that mindset of growth that is at the very core of your being. Look around and see a glimpse of your very nature. Plants that are growing, animals that are growing, people who are growing.

Stop telling yourself this is the only thing you can do. Stop telling yourself this is only how far you can go. Stop telling yourself this is only who you are. That is not your nature.

What’s your nature? You can do more things. You can grow yourself more. You can become more. And why so? Because you shall keep on creating, connecting and contributing. Because you are being called to live your life – a life in its fullness! For the glory of God.

Today, my friend, behave!

PS: I thank those who attended the Growth Summit last July 14. Join us again next year. Register here.

(Chris Dao-anis, CPA, DTM is a communication & leadership trainer, inspirational speaker, and author. His latest book ‘Living Large in the Little Things’ is available at Mt. Cloud Bookshop, Casa Vallejo, Upper Session Road, Baguio City. For talks and trainings, email info@chrisdaoanis.com or visit www.chrisdaoanis.com. You may also text 0945-761-6577.)

PS: Chris will be releasing his newest book ‘SPEAK: How to Craft and Deliver a Speech or Presentation’ on September 1. Join the seminar and book launch. Register here.

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