When You’re Down and Out, Get Out and About

One day, a young man was having a bad day. He was feeling down. He was feeling bad. Then a wise man came and said, “Buy tickets!”

The surprised young man asked, “What do you mean?”

The wise man replied, “Open the paper today. Look for events happening in town. And buy tickets!” Then he gave the young man P500 to buy tickets.

The young man did as he was told. Be bought tickets to a concert and brought along his friends.

While listening to a particular song in that concert, he was deeply moved, inspired, and felt empowered. That moment changed the course of his day. It changed the course of his week. And that got him out and about of what he thought was a moment when he was down and out.

“Buy tickets!” Such a simple advise. Such a simple thing to do. But it can do magic.

Why? Because sometimes, when you think you are down and out, what you need to do is just to get out. Get yourself into a new environment – into a more positive and nurturing one. Into an inspiring mood. Listen to new teachings. Interact with positive people. Learn life lessons. Stop being so absorbed of that sadness and start engaging with joy and jubilation, with education and empowerment.


“When you are down and out, you need to get out and about!” (Thanks to Brendon Burchard for this line.)

When you get out, you will also gain a sense of perspective that your life is not that bad after all. That other people’s lives may be even worse but you see them still fighting with that spirit of a peaceful and cheerful warrior. They are bringing the joy to their circumstances. They are continually searching fruits amidst failures. They are continually growing amidst struggles. They are continually living a life full of faith, hope and love. They are continually living life!


Do you feel you are down and out? Do you feel you are stuck? Do you feel burn out? Here’s my tip: BUY TICKETS! Search for worthwhile events you can be part of and buy tickets today!

I enjoin you to buy tickets to the first ever Growth Summit in Baguio City – happening on July 14 (8am-5pm) a the MultiPurpose Hall of the Baguio City Hall. We have invited powerful speakers to share with us tips and tools, strategies and stories, experiences and insights on how to grow in our career, communication, confidence and leadership. Visit our registration table at the Porta Vaga Mall entrance from July 1-12, or visit Occasions & Party Needs at Mabini Shopping Center. You may register online at www.chrisdaoanis.com/growthsummit, email info@chrisdaoanis.com, or text 0945-761-6577. Go, buy tickets!

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