The Seeds Will Sprout

I woke up with excitement and sprinted to the garden in the backyard. I brought a pail of water with me to give a little shower to the supposed sprout of the seed I planted a few days ago.

I closely examined the plot, the spot where I put the seeds, but nothing was there. No sign of whatsoever. No shadow of sprout was there. The smile on my face faded away.

Then my mother shouted, “Just put a little water. Not too much. The seeds will sprout in the coming days.”

“Oh really?” I even doubted but I poured a little water into the plot and walked away.

A couple of mornings after, my mother was calling out from the backyard, “Go, water your plants!”

I woke up and several moments after, I dragged my feet and a pail of water to the garden. I wasn’t even looking. Then my mother said, “Look, do you see those sprouts?”

“Oh really?” I looked closely. And I saw tiny greens on the spot where I put the seeds.

I smiled as I slowly poured water around it. With gladness. Truly, the seeds have sprouted.

keep planting

Early on, as a kid, that’s what I learned – to plant seeds and wait a little while and get excited for the sprouts that are about to come. And when those sprouts come, keep on watering them and caring them so they will bear fruit and harvest as intended. Up to this day, as an adult, that’s what I needed to be reminded of – not to lose hope when you don’t see immediately  any sprout.

Today, we are reminded to keep planting. To keep working. To keep the faith. Because in due time, the seeds will sprout. The plants will grow and bear fruit. Our efforts will be rewarded. Our good works will multiply. Keep doing the good things you are doing.

So that one day, we can also say what St. Paul said in one of his last letters, “I have done my best in the race, I have run the full distance, and I have kept the faith.” (TEV)

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