Don’t Forget You’ve Been Flying

As I was putting back my belt on after undergoing security inspection at the entrance, I saw a familiar face from a distance. It was my classmate in Grade 1, once a playmate during those much coveted recess times, a friend from our childhood days back home in Kibungan. Let’s call him Dreem.

“Hey, how are you? I know you have been flying but I didn’t know you are with this airline.”

He and his team of (what I call now based on our conversation) ‘Flight Safety Professionals’ were waiting for the plane they are about to man and fly. He had a few minutes to spare so he excused himself very quickly as we got into a friendly and profound conversation.

It is with that we can grow even more with joy, satisfaction and meaning..png

I asked him about his career and what he does. “You have been flying here and there. So how is it?” He was generous and trusting enough to share what he had in his mind and heart. We walked to a seat nearby and went on to talk about life.

I wanted to ask him more questions but he had a flight to attend to. We took a selfie and then off he went.

In a moment, as I was walking toward the nearest restroom, I found myself thinking about how blessed I am. That short conversation I had with Dreem was something I didn’t know I needed as I continue to fly in this life. While we simply had a chit-chat, a deep and meaningful message was delivered to me through those seemingly spontaneous words from my friend.

While still sleepy from a five-hour bus ride from Baguio, a realization woke me up to my senses! I was awaken by the fact that God has been blessing me. He has been allowing me to fly (somehow) – in what I do, in what I have become, and in my continuous growth in life.

Sure, I haven’t flown as much miles as Dreem had (literally with his job) and I haven’t flown yet to those destinations I setting my eyes to. I am not yet there, I still have a long way to go. Still struggling and striving to that so-called sweet success that people want to fly to.

But I have to remind myself that I also have flown far and have grown a lot. I should not forget that I have been flying somehow. And I should be thankful for that.

Yes, there’s more in life. There’s more that must be done. There’s more that we must grow ourselves into. There’s more! In my case, I still have a loooooong way to go! Yet as I look at the far distance I have to fly further to, I have to remind myself that I have flown far from where I was to where I am now.

In our dream to accomplish more, in our effort to strive for more, let us not forget to be grateful of what was given to us already. Let us not forget the miles we have reached in our flight of life.

Today, let us be reminded to be thankful. Be thankful that you have been flying. Be thankful for the miles that you have flown and the miles that you are yet to fly. For it is only with gratitude that we can happily enjoy our flight, our flight of growth, our flight of life. It is with gratitude that we can grow even more with joy, satisfaction and meaning. It is with gratitude that we can continue flying.

My friend, fly with a smile!

To my friend Dreem, thank you for that conversation at the airport this morning. I pray for your plans, for your family, for you.

To you, my friend, keep flying with gratitude in your heart. Keep growing in the flight of life. If you are based in Baguio City or somewhere near, let me personally invite you to join us at the GROWTH Summit 2.0 on July 13, 2019 (Saturday, 8am-5pm). For more details, visit or email Take this opportunity to meet like-minded people striving to fly with gratitude in their hearts. I look forward to seeing you there!

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