Go and Share What You’ve Grown In

You’ve not fully grown unless you share to others what you’ve grown in.

Two weeks ago, we talked about granting yourself permission to achieve, to perform, to lead, to shine. Last week, we talked about growing in your field. Today, let me speak about growing fully by going out there and share what you’ve grown in.

To appreciate the value of sharing that which we have grown in, let’s take the case of the 12-step process of the famous Alcoholics Anonymous which is often mentioned by leadership expert Simon Sinek. First step is admitting the problem. Second is believe in the greater power. Third is make a decision to turn our will and our lives to the care of God. And the steps continue on until the 11th step. But they knew and have proven that the healing journey will never be complete without the 12th step, which is to share the message that have helped you grow as you continue to live your life practicing the principles that have helped you grow.

Yes, you have to share what you’ve grown in as you continue to better yourself even more every step of your life. So let me reiterate: grant yourself permission to grow, grow, and share what you’ve grown in.

I am blessed to have encountered people who have grown in their lives and generously help others to grow in the areas where they grew in (as they continue to grow even more).

I met March sometime in 2012. He just came from the province and was looking for a job at that time. He later got a toxic job that he had to leave very soon. Then came a time I wasn’t able to see him. He got busy looking for opportunities. Until one day, I heard from him. He shared that he is doing some volunteer ministry work and is also growing himself in the field of digital marketing. It took months and years. Oh yes! It took time. And he grew.

Today, he is a Certified Digital Marketing Specialist by the International Institute of Digital Marketing. He coaches people who want to transition to working from home or practically anywhere. He helps businesses, authors and CEOs in the Philippines and in the US boost the presence of their product online. And other than helping his clients online, he is also a Digital Marketing Trainer under the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT). He is also an active Life Skill Trainer and author of the ebook How to Work from Anywhere.

He also grew a lot in his volunteer ministry work. He now leads a group growing in their spiritual life at the Feast Mandaluyong Shaw. He has grown personally and professionally and now shares this growth to many people.

I am blessed because he said yes to my invitation for him to speak at the Growth Summit. Yes, I am speaking about March Nacino. He will speak about How to Work from Anywhere as part of our learning session in Career Growth. With him at the Growth Summit are Sha Nacino (a Certified Jack Canfield Trainer on Success Principles), Trixie Barretto Esguerra (Philippines’ Vision Board Coach), and Neb Perez (2018 National Speech Champion of Toastmasters District 75-Philippines in International Speech). One more speaker will be added soon.


Many years ago, these individuals were struggling in their own fields but then they have granted themselves to grow and they went at it for years. Now they continue to grow as they share their growth to other people.

My friend, it’s your turn. Grant yourself that permission. Grow in your field. And go share what you’ve grown in.


Keep growing,

Chris Dao-anis

Let me personally invite you to join us at the first ever GROWTH Summit here in Baguio City on July 14 (Saturday, 8am-5pm). For more details, visit www.chrisdaoanis.com/growthsummit or email info@chrisdaoanis.com.) Take this opportunity to meet like-minded people who wants to grow and take that journey of growth. It starts now. Go!


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