Count Your Blessings

As we welcome the New Year, and as part of setting new goals, it is important that we do a review of the year that had passed. Reflect on the experience, look at the lessons learned and see how things can be done in a better way. To start that, we must look back and count our blessings. This way, we will be more grateful and hopeful.

As we welcome the New Year, and as part of setting new goals, it is important that we do a review of the year that had passed. Reflect on the experience, look at the lessons learned and see how things can be done in .png

Let me share to you mine:

I looked back at my 2017 calendar and was able to count numerous blessings. I might have missed some, but I counted that I gave 9 trainings (each lasted for four days up to 10 days), 15 seminars, 4 talks, 1 intensive workshop of my own, and 1 teambuilding facilitation. I also was able to host 4 big events (1 of which is a national conference where I also got to introduce a World Champion Speaker) and did the layout of 5 books (1 of which, not mine, reached thousands of readers already, 10000 copies sold in three days, 40000 copies sold in one month).

I thank the DENR-CAR for giving us the chance to lead them in their teambuilding activity. We had an awesome time with the community workers having games and activities while learning and reflecting in the process. I thank my co-facilitators Virgil and Daryl.

I thank the Institute for Integrality for entrusting me four runs of 10-Day Life Skills Training under Jobstart Philippines. We have been helping several out-of-school youth since 2014. This year, they sent me to Cagayan De Oro City (twice), to Cavite, to Palawan, and to Bulacan. Next month, I am excited to go to Negros Occidental. And to more places in the months to come.

Together with two of their directors (Val and Ian), the Institute for Integrality also gave me the opportunity to conduct Training of Trainers for the PESO personnel of Taguig City and Quezon City. This is in preparation for their eventual conduct of the Life Skills Training for the youth beneficiaries of the project.

Through the months, I have also been conducting seminars and workshops in Baguio City through the invitation of my friends Kevin and Tam. Some of the topics are the following: Ace Your Interview, Command Your Personal Brand, Craft a Compelling Resume, Basics of Stock Investing.

I thank DSWD-CAR for allowing us to serve more community builders by giving a Supervisory Development Training to their Area Coordinators and Members of the Kalahi-CIDSS-NCDDP. In another occasion, I also gave a Leadership and Communication Workshop to the leaders of their NGO-partners in the Cordilleras under the ABSNET.

I thank Nic, a professor in Letran Calamba, for inviting me to speak in their conference. I got a bonus in meeting Rence Lee Rapanot, once a finalist in TheVoicePH, whom I saw a burning passion in music everyone he sings on stage. Inspiring!

I thank the University of Baguio. A group of graduating HRM interns, invited me to speak in their Career Success Seminar. The Renaissance Society of the School of Teacher Education also called me to speak about Servant Leadership and on the Art of Emceeing and Hosting.

I thank STI Baguio. I was glad to be back to do a seminar for their students about Crafting a Compelling Resume and Leveraging Social Media in Your Job Search.

I thank the University of the Cordilleras-College of Accountancy (my home college) for inviting me to speak to their graduating interns. In another occasion, to a larger group of students across year levels. We talked about career, confidence, and communication among others.

I thank my hometown Kibungan. A kailian (with the help of the mayor) organized a seminar on career and confidence for the students of the two secondary schools in our town where I shared the stage with a Police Chief Inspector who served as an inspiration. In a different date, a teacher in Kibungan National High School also asked me to talk about public speaking in her class. I was exhilarated to finally speak to the young people of my beloved town.

I thank DepEd Baguio City for giving us the chance to empower their non-teaching personnel. Despite the roaring sound of the rain on the rooftop, we had a fun and fruitful time as I shared with them about networking that afternoon.

I also thank the teachers of the following schools for asking me to give a seminar on public speaking: Pines City National High School, Dominican Elementary School, and Aguinaldo Elementary School. I will be glad to come back to do more workshops and also to speak about emceeing/hosting more. I admire their humility.

I thank the officers, members (and even pastors) of a growing cooperative for allowing me to give a seminar on the Basics of Investing.

I thank the Saint Louis College in La Union and BVS Colleges in La Trinidad. I shared about career, confidence, communication and cash management.

I thank Herald Express for giving me a platform to share my message.

I thank you, my readers, for allowing me to be part of your life, your growth process.

I thank you all. I thank my audiences, the organizers, and encouragers. I thank the people who partnered with me and supported me. I thank the God Almighty for divinely orchestrating all these.

This is just a portion of my list. How about you? Count your blessings. Stop reading now and start counting your blessings for the year. Have a blast!

Again, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Be the better you,

Chris Dao-anis


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