Dreams, Denials, Delays

It’s the last month of the year! How did you do this year? How are you achieving your dreams? How are you accomplishing your goals?

Last January, you may have planned for this year. You may have written down goals for this year. You may have set targets for this year.


And let me guess. You have accomplished some of those already. But the others – they don’t seem to be within reach. They seem to be beyond your reach.

When our dreams seem to turn impossible in the timeline that we set, what should we do? Should we give up? Should we forget them and set our dreams lower?

Maybe. But let me propose: Be careful because delays are not necessarily denials.

When your dreams are not turning into reality at the date that you have set, be discerning. It does not mean that you were denied of your dreams already. It does not mean that you have to change your dream. It may be that you simply need to change your timeline, your target date. It may simply be a delay.

In my journey of achieving my dreams, I have experienced a lot of delays that at first I misinterpreted them to be denials. Later on, I realized that those that I thought are ‘denials’ are simply ‘delays.’ In due time, I was able to accomplish them. You may have experienced those, too.

This year, there are targets you and I may miss. We don’t know if we will be able to catch up during this last month. We know that there are dreams we have to let go but there are also dreams that we have to hang on to – especially those relating to what matters in life.

Yes, there will be denials and we have to take them as they are. But there are also delays disguised as denials. So hang on. With the grace of God, we will be able to discern.

Don’t give up on your dreams. There may be delays but definitely, they are not denials. Persevere!


Live your life, young mind!

Chris Dao-anis

(Chris Dao-anis, CPA, DTM is a trainer and speaker on public speaking and leadership. His latest book ‘Living Large in the Little Things’ is available at Mt. Cloud Bookshop, Casa Vallejo, Upper Session Road, Baguio City. For talks and trainings, email him at chrisdaoanis@gmail.com or visit his website at www.chrispoweracademy.com.)

Published by Chris Dao-anis

I help Filipino coaches, trainers & speakers deliver impactful presentations and write books to further reach and credibility.

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