Embrace the Earth

My thoughts were flying while I was watching the clouds dance with the blue waters. From my window seat, I was looking at those white bubbles above the vast ocean.

Then I whispered, “It’s been a while since I paused and pondered.” Then I pulled my left hand to close my laptop and tilted how I seated to gaze and enjoy the view down below.


As my eyes swim in those blue waters and jump on those tiny islands, I marveled in awe and realized how I missed doing so.

For months, I forgot to appreciate the wonder of nature – the sky, the waters, the islands, the sands. I got busy in the minutiae of tasks that I ignored to engage with the environment and embrace the earth.

As I continue writing this piece, I was in my room in one of the pension houses in Sabang here in the island of Palawan. Just this morning, I put on my shorts, walked outside, removed my slippers, and ran barefoot along the shoreline.


I felt the sands insert their elements in between my toes and the sea breeze blow my face. I listened to the waves rushing to the shore and as I moved further close to the mangroves, I heard them bumping the mighty rocks on the side and then slowly sliding back to the sea – its body.


As I experienced the environment once again, I got refreshed. I felt connected. I felt the joy in my heart. And I saw the vision of my dreams once again and got excited of what the future may bring.

My phone alarm sounded off signalling me that it’s already seven o’clock. I ran back to where I started, put on my slippers and walked back. I rushed to take a shower, put on my new clothes, new smile, and new energy to go for another day.

While I was writing this, I was in Puerto Princesa conducting training for the young minds. Just the week before, I was in Mindanao doing the same thing.

It is always with joy and passion whenever I conduct training. But there are also times it becomes tiring. At times, I forget the reason why I do training. At times, I forget my mission to empower the young minds!

I am thankful for those moments I described above, those moments that I am able to engage with the environment and embrace the earth. It gets me re-connected.

My friend, experience it yourself – whether in the mountains or by the sea, the flowers or the trees, the sands or the soil…

Embrace the earth!


Live your life, young mind!

Chris Dao-anis

(Chris Dao-anis, CPA, DTM is a trainer and speaker on communication, and on personal and organizational leadership. His latest book Living Large in the Little Things where this article was taken is available at Mt. Cloud Bookshop, Casa Vallejo, Upper Session Road, Baguio City. For talks and trainings, email him at chrisdaoanis@gmail.com or visit his website at www.chrispoweracademy.com.)

Published by Chris Dao-anis

I help Filipino coaches, trainers & speakers deliver impactful presentations and write books to further reach and credibility.

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