Grow in Fitness and Farm (1of2)

What is your growth project this year? Have you considered growing in fitness and in farm? Or how about in the other areas of life like faith, family, and finances?

Growth is something that does not just happen. Growth has to be intentional. Growth requires commitment. Are you committed to grow?


Today, you and I are challenged to commit to grow. We need to set that intention. And if we are to choose two areas to focus on for this quarter of the year, how about focusing on fitness and in farm? (This is not to discount the other areas but it is with the assumption that you are already doing good in them and what you need to do is simply to sustain them.)

Let’s talk about fitness. In fitness, I mean your physical health. Health is essential. We cannot ignore it. In fitness, there is richness.

Living a healthy lifestyle is tremendously beneficial to us. If we have forgotten the fact, then let us be reminded of that. When we live a healthy lifestyle, we will be happier. We can bring joy to our environment. We will have a more pleasant disposition. Our inner beauty will glow. It will show in our vibrant face and in the nutritious words we express. And we will be more productive at work and/or in our business.

Today, we are to consider three health tips:

First, eat right. If you miss to eat right, I am with you and we need to work on this. Eating right means eating healthier food at the right dosage at the right time. We need to go back to the basics. In our elementary grades, we have been taught to eat fruits and vegetables. Less meat. More fish. Drink plenty of water. Less or no soda.

Have your breakfast, lunch and dinner. At their proper times. Don’t say you won’t have to because you don’t feel hungry. But it is better to eat at the proper time rather than eat later and eat anything later in a voluminous amount just because you are famished from not eating two hours earlier. Fitness food is your fuel. So eat right!

Second, move right. I’m talking about exercise. You may want to go to the gym and workout. But you don’t have to sign up to any membership. How about you just go for a run in your backyard, front yard or around the block? If you are not the runner type, take a walk. Go for a trek in the nearby hill or mountain. Or simply take a walk to the nearby church and then back.

We have to move our bodies. If you are working in an office, you need to take regular breaks and take a walk. To the restroom. To the pantry. To the printer. To the meeting room. Or outside to take a breather. And then back to your work area refreshed ready to work again. Your body needs it. You need it. So move right!

Third, sleep right. You cannot disregard sleep. Studies after studies show the importance of sleep. You have to have around eight hours of sleep. And sleep at night (unless you are on night duty). But if you are not working at night, then sleep at night. To those who are working at night, find a way to catch up in the day but even so, sleep during the day is different from the sleep during the night. Look for ways on how you can go back to normal sleeping hours.

In addition, experts say that the body replenishes, rejuvenates and revitalizes during certain hours of the night and it happens in your sleep. You don’t want to miss this very essential process. So sleep right.

Eat right. Move right. Sleep right. There you have the three health tips to help you in your commitment to grow in fitness. We already know the importance of these but we need to be reminded of them once in a while. Now that we are reminded of them, we need to go and act on them.

How about your commitment to grow in the area of your farm? In farm, I mean in your business or employment. Let’s talk about this in the next article.

Today, let us commit to grow in our fitness. It is a big challenge. But we can cheer for one another and support each other. Together, let us strive to take the little yet necessary steps to be healthier and happier. Be fit!


Live your life, young mind!

Chris Dao-anis

(Chris Dao-anis, CPA, ACG, ALB is a trainer and speaker on communication and personal leadership. His latest book ‘Living Large in the Little Things’ is available at Mt. Cloud Bookshop, Casa Vallejo, Upper Session Road, Baguio City. For talks and trainings, email him at or visit his website at


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