A String of Scribbles on Service


“Strive for excellence because we are serving the God of excellence.”

These words reverberated in my longing ears as I was seated one afternoon. A man was speaking in front. His name, Ed Villacorte.

I wrote in my notes: It’s freeing. It’s God’s.

I thought so…


I seemed to have scribbled a lot of words – words I heard from him, words I heard from my thoughts, words I heard from the Lord in my heart… Words of truth. I believe.

So what I’m about to write are strings of words from wherever that I find so meaningful. And I don’t take authorship of which nor attribute it solely to Bro. Ed but to the collective intelligence that God has endowed on us human beings by Him… who He called to lead. And serve like Christ.

Such a high call. I concur.

Leadership is about surrendering to God’s will. It is about humility! Apparently, the strongest leader possesses the strongest humility.

How then can we become humble? To become humble is to become like Christ.

How then can we become like Christ? We are to understand the principles of servanthood. He said.

And he spells it out –

True servanthood is determined by what you have become not what you have done.

That is to lead like Christ. Wow! How difficult that can be? Perhaps. But we are called still…

After all, serving God is a matter of GRATITUDE not worthiness. Service is simply extending God’s goodness. It is not ours. It is His.

So he declares: True service is a joyful occasion to celebrate the goodness of the Lord. And praise defines the tongue of a servant who approaches the Lord of the service.


And he says –

Do not pursue any ambition aside from God’s. And it is explained: Pride creeps when motives are not aligned with God’s.

In serving, you are to seek God’s attention more than people’s admiration. What matters is what God says. Because every service or ministry or task or business or anything that you do is an opportunity to build ‘altars’ of God.

Therefore, you and I have to develop the right attitudes in the ministry and all the things that we do. And remember, humility is key.

In humility, we become servants of all.

And you’ve got to hear this: Humility is the door to all virtues.

How’s that? Let’s take a look at humility first.

At this point, we have to see and understand gratitude. Gratitude is an important element of humility. You have to remember that no one can become humble without being grateful. So is it right to say that gratefulness leads to humility? I think so. And it goes the other way, I guess, too: That with humility comes gratefulness. Like two elements looped into one.


How do we respond to this high call of service and leadership? He said: Surrender your interests to God so that you won’t worry about it.

He continued, “In the service of the Lord, our reputation has no worth.” I still don’t get it entirely but I think I get it.

I continued to listen:

“Always have the good of others in the heart.

A good heart put others first.”

Then he revealed a beautiful truth from the Letter of Paul to the Galatians (5:22-23) –

“But the fruit of the Spirit is LOVE, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.”

The fruit is LOVE.

And we are all called to serve all.

A very high call, indeed! How can that be doable by a human like me?

For some reason, I wrote somewhere… which I heard from him: Faith is being sure of what you don’t see.

Oh yes! So have faith.

Remember, God is with you. Do it. And you will have joy! For joy marks the true servant of God.

He said somewhere: If we accept this truth, then as servants we become part of the goodness of God to others.

And yes, as always has been and as it is, the essence is love. And it belongs to Him.

You cannot own it.

Offer it!




Live your life, young mind!

Chris Dao-anis

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