Thank You for the Love

Yes, I’m in love…

  • with speaking and writing
  • with communicating messages
  • to instruct and inspire the young minds

This is why I give trainings, talks and workshops. This is why I write books, blogs and articles. I speak and write to inspire and empower.


Living Large…

Last Saturday, we held the Living Large Seminar and Book Launch. I’m so happy and grateful for all those who attended and gave their support (including those who weren’t able to go yet supported from a distance).



God’s Surprises…

The event was filled with surprises:

First, the venue we reserved and should be using was unfortunately still being occupied at the time we should be setting up. So what happened? We were transferred to another hall – a better one. We were upgraded! While this caused us less time to set up, it was still a good surprise.

Second, some of those who registered weren’t able to come. But guess what – there were also a good number of those who walked-in and joined us. There were groups and circles who I was not expecting. They came and enjoyed the event with us.

Third, some specific parts, statements and illustrations that I should be using in my talk were substituted by other statements and illustrations that just came in at the moment.


Whenever I give talks and seminars, I always prepare and plan what I will be sharing. While my presentation is well-set in structure to which I followed and delivered, the analogies and examples I planned to be giving were not the ones I used. Maybe because that day was a very long day for me. In the morning, we gave a seminar-workshop to almost  a hundred of DepEd personnel in Baguio. I wasn’t able to have time to pause and go back to what I should be delivering. This, however, was a also wonderful surprise.

Although, there were changes in my examples and illustrations, I didn’t feel any regrets that I did so. I felt that the audience was so engaged and also in the moment. They were there with me. We were there together in a conversation. Thoughts and laughters were shared. We had fun! And they said they were inspired and empowered.



While I was reflecting about the event, I was reminded of two things:

  • People around are willing to help and cheer for you when you do what you love to do to give value. Family, friends, relatives, kailian, classmates, school mates, acquaintances, friends of friends, students of friends, and many other good people from somewhere will be there to help you. Welcome them. And also help them with whatever value you can give them.
  • Plan and prepare the things you want to happen. Coordinate and collaborate as appropriate and necessary. Plan the details. Specify how things should be done. But also be willing to surrender to Him all these things – that He will give what you prayed for or even something better… He gives something better.

In this event, these have happened. It was God moving in the background.


And so thank you…

  • to God who always give wonderful surprises;
  • to my family (brothers, sisters, nephews, bro/sis-in-laws) for their presence, assistance and cheer;


  • to my two editors Ms. Maria Agnes “Beng” Garcia and Mr. Augustin Dao-anis for ‘cleaning and cleansing’ the written pieces of the book (Thank you, Insan/Kuya Augustin for the beautiful prayer you shared. Thank you, Ma’am Beng for the heartfelt and moving introduction and remarks you gave.);


  • to my friends in Toastmasters – from Pines City Toastmasters Club, Baguio Ecozone Toastmasters Club, Baguio Funshine Toasmasters Club, Synergy Toastmasters Club, and IAME & Associates Toastmasters Club – I’m very grateful that I don’t only learn from and with you in Toastmasters but also outside Toastmasters;


  • to my college buddies, high school batchmates, school mates, town mates and relatives – your presence is precious;




  • to DJ Jazz for taking the photos (included in this post)… so with the photojournalist/student of Insan/Kuya Augustin, my nephew and big bro;


  • to Kuya Daryl for doing the pre-program introductions and for bringing more fun to the event;


  • to the power planners and executors Ate Iloisa and Ate Cath for helping out in the event set up (the pillars, backdrop, chairs, sounds and all) – for your event needs, they can be of great help (Session Event Planning);


  • to BIBPI (Kevin, Tam, Avon and Alyssa) for the registration, reservation and logistics;


  • to my brother and Ate Cora for manning the book table, to my sister for the snacks,


  • to all of you who joined us for this special seminar and book launch;

(More photos can be found at

  • to Bo Sanchez (bestselling author), Nelson Dy (Gintong Aklat Awardee), Elizabeth Segura-Krueger (inspiring leader and communications professor), Divina Joy Ayungo (accountant and author,, Sha Nacino (Founder of the 90-Day Book Writing Challenge, and Trixie Esguerra (Vision Board Coach, for giving their testimonials/reviews  included in the printed book; and
  • to all those who pre-ordered the book, those who got their copies at the launch, and to all those who will be reading this book that is written with love and passion;
  • to everyone who helped and inspired me through their words, thoughts and actions – in many ways you are giving value to me and humanity; and
  • (once again and always) to God Almighty who continues to bless us every single day – in large and little things.

Thank you for the love!



Fellow young minds – 

Go, live large!


Live your life, young mind!

Chris Dao-anis


PS: If you missed to attend the event or have not ordered your copy yet, just go to


For those in Baguio City, the book will soon be available at Mt. Cloud Bookshop and at Psalms bookstore.

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