Why I Quit My MBA

“Have you finished your MBA?”

“Oh, I finished 12 units…” I smiled and continued, “but I did not continue. Make no mistake, I had good professors and good grades. I gained good friends and reconnected to previous classmates.”

Different people pursue further formal studies for different reasons. I, too, had my reason. But then came my reason to quit.

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So, to those who are asking if I advise taking up MBA, here’s my answer:

Pursue your MBA degree if it is aligned to your goals. If not, then NO.

If you want to become a professor in the university, go take up MBA. It is required and this will give you the chance to master the business administration concepts which you will share to your students. I have met a man who holds an MBA and two PhD’s – he is a graduate professor.

If you want to become an executive in a big company, perhaps go take up MBA. It will add to your credentials and will give you the opportunity to refresh your knowledge and acquire new concepts and perspectives which cases in other companies digested in the text could give you. Combine this with your personal experience – and it will be powerful! There was this guy who was mistaken to be a medical doctor because of his PhD – he is now an executive director of a big company. I had MBA classmates whose tuition were subsidized by their companies and their graduate degree will be a credit for promotion to supervisory or managerial positions.

If you want to become an officer (not an official, that’s different) in the government, go take up MBA or MPA maybe. I heard that the government put much weigh on graduate degrees aside from other areas of qualifications. Of course, if it is related to your field! I had some classmates working with BIR and COA. I suppose, an MBA degree could be of help to them.

There could be other reasons. I have a friend who finished his MBA abroad and he is now a business consultant. I have another friend who holds an MBA from abroad who is launching his start-up businesses. I have heard of MBA holders from local schools who are excelling in their own ventures, too.

Often times, the program content and form of instruction can command the difference. There are a lot of factors. Ultimately, it depends on how the person steers his course.

Remember, while an MBA degree could help, it still does not substitute real practice. And before taking up MBA, I highly suggest that you have at least two years experience in the field. Be exposed with what is going on outside before you come back to the classroom for your master’s degree.

Surely, cases and concepts could contribute but this should be combined with perspective gained from actual practice. Thus, ask questions from classmates who have more experience. Listen, too, to those with less. And feel free to share yours. Get to know more people and ask them questions.

Continuous learning is important. In fact, it should not be limited to your further formal studies.

While I quit my MBA, I did not stop my ‘studies.’ I still am part of Toastmasters International where I continue to enhance my communication and leadership skills. I also am enrolled to an online course by one of the world’s top performance coach. I am signed up to different forms of learning. I read tons of books, blogs, newsletters and attend several seminars and conferences. I did not quit learning.

So, yes pursue your MBA degree only if it is aligned to your goals. If not, pursue other forms of learning that is aligned to your goals. Remember, that when time is spent, it is spent. And money, too. Choose which one to spend time and money on and hopefully, that’s the one that is aligned to your aspirations.

Go. Learn. Achieve.

Live your life, young mind!

Chris Dao-anis

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2 thoughts on “Why I Quit My MBA

  1. Cris point of view is very helpful and informative.Taking up MBA degree is crucial so as one should have a clear goal in pursuing such. I am inclined to believe that continous learning and finding another avenues to improve ourselves professionally is essential to become globally competitive.

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