The Corporate Journey Continues

As the glass doors opened, a smart looking lady welcomed me.

“Good morning, Mr. Dao-anis. This way please…

(If you missed the previous post where this story started, click here.)

“Please have a seat.

“Before the interview, kindly fill up these forms and answer these tests.”

I took the forms and walked to the seat at the back.

An hour has passed and I just reviewed the answers I wrote and double-checked if I filled-up the forms completely.

“I guess it’s complete,” I whispered and stood up to submit my papers.

Several minutes after, they invited me for the interview.

“Chris, tell me about yourself.” The interviewer started.

The conversation started smoothly and flowed freely. Three questions were thrown and I’ I answered them very well – or so I thought.

Then came the fourth question… and my fourth answer…

After finishing my statement, the interviewer scribbled something on my paper and said, “Thank you, Mr. Dao-anis. We will call you back.”

I paused in wonder. It didn’t feel right.

I composed myself. I responded, “Ok. Thank you so much.”

It was my first interview and I was clueless what happened. Did I do good? Why was the abrupt ending of the interview?

I stood and proceeded to the exit. The receptionist opened the locked glass doors, I pushed it, and pulled myself out of that office. I plodded to the elevator then a few seconds after that, a voice came out, “Ground floor…” I stepped out.

After claiming back my ID from the guards, I walked out of the building and a thought came to my mind, “I don’t think I did well from their standpoint. Maybe, it was how I answered that fourth question. I don’t know but I just don’t feel right.”

I brushed that thought off and whispered, “To the next interview, here I come!”

I started walking along Ayala Avenue. Few minutes after, I found myself at a bigger, newer, and posher building – The Enterprise Tower.

“I feel good. I knew that I would…” were the lyrics playing in me head as I stood by the lobby while waiting for my friend’s text on where I should submit my resume.

From the glass walls, I can see the sun shining brightly, the sky at its bluest, and the atmosphere seems so fair and free-of-fear…

…to be continued…

(In this series, I will be sharing stories as I started my career as a young professional in the corporate world.)

Til next post!



Live your dreams with love,

Chris Dao-anis


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