Lessons as the Journey Begins

Before we continue the story in the previous post, let me share first two lessons learned in those scenarios when the said journey began.

First: There is no substitute for preparation.

I did not mention the nerve-wracking preparation we needed to do before taking the CPA board exams. It all started when we enrolled in BS Accountancy – that was four long years of trimestral studies – plus 6 months of review season learning about accounting, auditing, taxation, and business laws among others.

In the story related, it was necessary for me to have a carefully crafted resume and that a number of which has been floated even before I actually went to Metro Manila for the interview and to file other more applications.

Before going to the interview site, being unfamiliar with the busy streets of Makati City, I needed to look at the map beforehand and plan how to go to the building – where to get off, where to turn right and left, what building to spot upon.

May it be taking an examination, going to an interview, or setting foot on an unfamiliar place, preparation is necessary! And this applies in other areas of life.

My questions for you: What is that thing you want to do, have or achieve? How are you preparing to do, have or achieve it?


Second: Believe in yourself before asking others to believe in you.

That very moment as I entered the building, I was feeling so nervous. I was afraid of how it would turn out. I fear that I might not do well. I fear that I might get rejected.

But I had to psyche myself. I needed to make my nervousness evolve into excitement. I had to remind myself that before I am able to convince the interviewer that I deserve to be accepted for the job, I had to convince myself first.

In moments like this, it helps to be reminded of the words of support I received from family and friends.

The handsome looks (ahem!), I mean the confident and smart looking get up I had, helped a lot too. As I tightened my necktie, I was telling myself, “You look awesome and you are awesome!”

My posture is also important. To feel good, I had to stand tall, put my shoulders back, and put a smile on my face.

All these would help me excite myself and exude confidence.

Yes, even before I arrived at that very moment, I have been believing in me – the gifts given to me by the Giver. But I cannot deny that I was feeling nervous at that very unfamiliar moment.

Good news: These verbal reminders and non-verbal cues helped me remind myself to live my truth that — that I am ready and I believe I can do it. I’m right there ready to convey confidence and competence, and to convince the other person that I am a person who can bring in value to the table.

All Under the Bounds of His Blessings…

All of these, definitely, should be done acknowledging the lordship of the Lord. Yes, we prepare and say we believe in ourselves. And we are able to do this, all because of His blessings – His grace, His love.

This I say – is the power of preparation and faith.

So as you and I start a journey or continue on, let us be reminded that there will never be a substitute for preparation and that we must believe in ourselves first before asking others to believe in us.

All these we do because we believe in a good God and we are His good creation.

Now, go and God be with you…


(The story of the journey continues in the next post /In this series, I will be sharing stories as I started my career as a young professional in the corporate world.)


Live your dreams with love,

Chris Dao-anis



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