So the Journey Begins

It was November 2009. I just passed the CPA Board Examinations and I was excited to “conquer” the world.

With my crisp and carefully crafted resume, I started filing my applications to big firms and companies in Metro Manila.

“If you want to start big in our field, go to Metro Manila.” This was the constant refrain from the experienced CPAs around. This pumped up the adventurer-spirit within me to explore what else is out there.

Before I took the bus going to Manila, my resumes have already arrived in the virtual doorsteps of some companies. I received responses from three of them and I was thrilled! Perhaps, the suffix “CPA” after my name got their attention… or the Cum Laude written somewhere in my paper. Perhaps, it’s the total package they saw in there.

This gave me confidence to respond to the call of the big city.

I drafted my plan. “After I attend our oath-taking as new Certified Public Accountants at the Philippine International Convention Center in Pasay City, I will go to Makati for my interview. I will also personally submit my resume to the other big accounting-auditing firms there.”

My big brother, who was then staying in Pasig City, led me and guided me to navigate the confusing avenues, streets, and intersections in the busy and fast-moving Makati City. “Here, you can take this map with you.”

Early that morning, he dropped me off at Ayala Avenue and there I was thrilled and terrified to face my first interview for my first would-be employer as a CPA.

I entered the wide glass doors of a towering building. Two guards were looking at me on the right. I approached them.

“Saan po kayo, sir?” one of them asked. I told the name of the company. He nodded and said, “ID please.”

PRC was yet to issued my ID so I handed my alumni ID. The guard noticed something, “Ni-ni-nerbyos kayo, sir… Interview ba?”

I tried to hide my trembling hand but I couldn’t. I smiled at him, “Yes po.”

“Elevators on the left, sir.” The other one told me and led me to where they are.

I pressed on the ‘up’ button and waited. I was alone but with me are my dreams, my excitement, and the words of support I received from family and friends.

The door opened. I entered and pressed on the 28th floor. The elevator started to move up and my nerves were stirring up. I took a deep breathe. Tightened my necktie. Pushed my shoulders back up. Wiped my sweating palms. Cleared my throat. Then I smiled at the elevator doors serving as mirrors.

After a few seconds, the elevator spoke, “28th floor..”

The mirrors in front of me disappeared. I moved my left foot forward and then my right foot, one after the other… I was ready to face my interviewer.

…to be continued…

(In this series, I will be sharing stories as I started my career as a young professional in the corporate world.)

Til next post!



Live your dreams with love,

Chris Dao-anis


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