What Do You Do When You’re Not Getting Results

So what do we do when what we are pursuing is not yet in the horizon? What if the results we are aiming seem to stay at a distance? What if our actions seem not to be succeeding still?

[Image courtesy of renjith krishnan / FreeDigitalPhotos.net]

Common sense would say that we have to look into why our actions are failing. We have to study the steps we are taking.

Is it time to change strategy? Is it time to change course? Is it time to take a step back and see how we should step forward?

Truly, we look into these things and we ask those questions.

But we also have to do one more thing – We need to come to the Lord and worship Him.



The message at the Feast this month, with preachers Bo Sanchez, George Gabriel and Alvin Barcelona, focused on worship. (Attend the sessions or watch the live streaming, see details at www.thefeastpicc.com. Today, I just had to watch some parts of it online from far away here in Benguet.) We have seen the power of worship in the stories in the Bible. One of which had led an army into victory when all they did was to put worshipers in the front-lines, which would seem so insanely strange according to practical sense. But the promised result was brought forth by the Lord!

Hence, here is one thing – among other things – that we have to plug in to whatever we do: It is to worship the Lord. We come to Him and praise Him. We say thank you in advance for the blessings coming our way, for the victory that is in store for us, for His avalanche of grace.

Indeed, we see our dreams and see clearly what we wanted to do. Then we sow seeds of action day-in and day-out. And we also have to surrender everything to the Lord.

Let us seek His guidance and praise Him.

Let us ask for His light and worship Him.

Let us sing to Him and shout His name.

Whichever your language or style of worship – be it in silence or in singing – worship the Lord today!

This Sunday, go to church and soak in yourself to His loving embrace.


Live your dreams with love,

Chris Dao-anis


PS 1: To my fellow Catholics, let us attend Sunday mass today – our highest form of prayer and worship. If you attend the Feast in PICC, the Holy Mass is part of the precious package. (Visit www.thefeastpicc.com for details.)

PS 2: To Baguio folks, join us on June 12 (8am-12nn) at El Cielito Inn, Baguio City as we learn to invest in mutual funds. Stop being seduced to scams by learning about legitimate investments. Mutual Funds is one of them. (A Licensed Investment Solicitor will be there with us.) Join us!

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