Unleash the Superhero In You

Indeed, as Mighty Rasing declares in his book, each and every one of us has the power to be super epic. You and I have the power to make a mark in this world – wherever we are and whatever age we are in.

You do not have to wait to have superpowers just like the renowned superheroes on comics or movies. In you is a superpower waiting to be unleashed.

What I like about Mighty Rasing’s book is that he shared a fundamental truth and powerful principles to unleash this power – especially that of the young and using the language of the young. I like how he metaphorically relates his seven power-packed chapters to unveil the basics that each young mind must know and apply in life.

I enjoyed his book. I like its solid simplicity. More so, I love the learning and the potential transformation it can ignite to each and every young mind who will read it.

I highly recommend this book especially to the teens. But this is also a must-read for the ‘teens-before’ – just like me.

After reading the book, I passed it on to Bryan, my 13-year old nephew to read it. Days after, I asked him if he finished reading it and he said yes.

I asked him to write an essay about what he learned from the book and this is what he wrote:



From the book ‘May Powers Ka to be #SuperEpic,’ I learned a lot of things that can make me a better person at my young age. It helped me to know that in my young age I can do many things that can help me and help others. It also helped me to plan first before doing something so that it can make my work easier and faster. It inspired me to do many things at my age just like Spiderman; he is an ordinary person yet he had made his life successful. It also encouraged me to give my best to do something more.

This book helped me to know what to do in different times. It reminded me that there is God in our side who guides us in our journey (so let us help ourselves because God is guiding us). I must not be lazy. I must let my physical body healthy by exercising, eating healthy foods, playing with neighbors instead of playing computer games for long hours that can destroy my eyes.

The book can help its readers like me to make a difference and to avoid the bad things that can destroy our life and of being a leader. We must be ready to be brave and strong to fight and conquer the problems in life. We must be near to the Lord for trouble is near.

Let us also be strong for the journey is not easy. There will be times when you and your team will meet problems. We must also be cool in facing the problems in life so that we will not make the problem worse. Let us also be patient.

I learned from this book that having a vision in life will really bring out the best in me. I also realized that having vision can show me what’s possible beyond the difficulties of the future. It also reminded me that the twin of vision is intense passion and dedication. Combine both to lead you to success. This became one of my inspirations in relation to the things that should be done in my young age just like helping my friends, parents, schoolmates, and other people in need – just like superheroes do.

#SuperEpic also helped me to realize that not all ‘gangs’ are bad. Some are good and they help me in my problems just like my ‘gang’ also known as “barkada”. They make me laugh when I’m sad, they give me the things I need in school when they have extra things, and they are the ones who help me in bad times. Our ‘gang’ is like the Avengers who help each other and don’t let their team down. They are always at my side.

My family, friends, gang, cousins, neighbors, other people and good books like this ‘May Powers Ka to be #SuperEpic’ help me do the best I can and be the best of who I am. (Bryan Kyle, April 2015)


I am happy that my nephew read the book and that he said he learned a lot from it. I, too, had similar takeaways from the book. My prayer is that he and I will apply these precious principles in life. And so with you.

If you need a quick yet rich source of inspiration and guidance especially to the teens, grab this book by Mighty Rasing, ‘May Powers Ka to be #SuperEpic.’

In you is a superhero. Go, unleash your power!



Live your dreams with love,

Chris Dao-anis


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