The Gift From a Big Brother

Do you remember the last time you received a gift from your big brother?

For me, it was last Christmas I think. But there were also a lot of different other forms of gifts that I received from them in different occasions.

I’m not from a well-to-do family but I am a recipient of my big brothers’ gifts in different forms and different ways. (To my big brothers and sisters, if you are reading this, I’d like to say THANK YOU SO MUCH!)

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The Kid and the Other Two

Minutes before I wrote this, three jolly kids came running inside my big sister’s computer shop and sari-sari store. Oh yes, I was manning the store as I was writing this. But you shouldn’t miss what happened when these three kids arrived.

The first one, seemingly standing as the oldest among them, confidently pointed to the crackers and said, “May I have one of those? How much is it?”

I responded, “It’s 7 pesos only.”

He dropped his coins as I handed him his crunchy crackers.


The Shortage

The other one kept looking around then he asked the question that seemingly shattered his hope. “How much is that cracker?”

“It’s 6 pesos only.” I answered.

You could see his problematic face that even I couldn’t spell out what his concern was until the other kid said, “You only have 5 pesos.”

He paused for a while and that while lasted longer than a little while.

Then it was the turn of the third kid.

“How much is that?” pointing to the cracker with a yellow cover.

“It’s 6 pesos only.”

“Ow,” was his only response. He also has 5 pesos only.

You could see the sadness in those two faces.

Now, trying to be a comforting big brother, I suggested, “How about this one. You get two and you’ll even have 1 peso change.”

The two kids shook their heads.


The Rescue

Now, here comes their big brother to the rescue. I presumed the first kid was their big brother, perhaps just 2 years ahead of these two other boys who appear to have only 5 years of life experience.

“Here’s 1 peso for each of you,” said their big brother as he shells out 2 pesos from his pocket.

And the Good Friday turned to Easter Sunday! The two faces came back to life. As each of them pointed to that coveted cracker as each handed their 6 pesos to me while claiming their reward – the crunchy cracker, at last!

The second kid threw his fist in the air and exclaimed, “YES!” He looked at me as he repeated his gesture of victory! I gave him a big smile.

Then the three kids ran away with cheer and glee!


The Happiest

Yes, the three were filled with joy. But if I had to guess who was the happiest among them, it is the big brother who extended his two pesos. It is the big brother who gave the gift!


The Call

You and I are invited to share a gift – whatever form and whatever way it would be. This is one way of living your purpose or your call – so yes, I am using the term gift in a grand way as it should be.

Share a gift – a small wrapping or a small undertaking forming part of your life’s mission.

That gift could be something physical or something felt. That gift could be something that is touched or something that will touch the heart. That gift could be something that could cover your head like a cap or something that would fill the mind with knowledge and wisdom.

Whatever form that would, you and I are invited to be a big brother and share a gift!

You’ll never know how that “1 peso” of yours could spell a difference in one’s quest of finally acquiring his “crunchy cracker” in life.


Live your dreams with love,

Chris Dao-anis


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