Start Investing in the Stock Market in 3 Simple Steps

I was cleaning up some paper materials in my old bag when I saw something precious worth sharing.

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Some of my friends are asking how they can start investing in the stock market. These three simple steps I read from a COL Financial leaflet say it.

I have discussed similar concepts in the past in this blog but let me share this briefly and let the number one online stock broker in the country speak through its material.

Read on the three simple steps. Here they are:

First, pay yourself first.

“The first and best way to start investing is by saving money. Every time you receive your paycheck, set aside a portion of your income for savings prior to expenses.”

Second, set financial goals.

“In order to take charge of your financial future, you must set realistic goals that are attainable within a certain timeframe. This will determine the direction of your investments.

Third, choose an investment plan.

“Successful investing requires discipline. Select and commit to an investment plan that matches your needs and goals. Taking concrete steps will help guide you in achieving your financial objectives.”


You may have read these same or similar steps in another material. You may have read it from this blog previously. You may have heard it from someone in a seminar room. But the question is: Have you acted on it? What’s your experience in applying these steps?


Live your dreams with love,

Chris Dao-anis


[Disclosure: I’m not an employee of COL Financial.]

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PS 2: Do you need holistic blueprint as you start investing in the stock market? Click here.

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